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Choosing a tree stand

Old 03-01-2011, 09:03 PM
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Default Choosing a tree stand

Hey this is my first time here and Im not the most computer savvy person, so I hope I am posting this correctly. I am new to bow hunting and I am trying to choose a tree stand. I am hunting in eastern Mass and have no idea which tree stand is best for my area. Im looking for one that is easy to set up quick and also comfortable. If you have any makes or models that are great and I should look at or any that are terrible and I should stay away from I would love to here from you thanks
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All I buy now are ladderstands of this setup...

big standing platform, 20x30"
arm rests
shooting rail
flip up seat

of course I sit on stand from 1st light to last light, being comfy helps keep you there longer!

if you just hunt 2hrs in the morning and night, any piece of junk will work for you.

but especially with a bow I find having a large platform to stand on helps get your stance good and better angles, some of those 10x12" platforms are not only dangerous IMO but try shooting a bow with your feet basically next to each other.
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Old 03-02-2011, 12:58 PM
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ive heard good things about lone wolf stands....i have 2 summit climbing stands and theyre both pretty good i think, one is a heavier more comfortable version, the other is the bowhunters version that has a small hand climber you use instead of the large seat. This year im thinking about trying out a trophyline saddle with some wolf climbing sticks or strap on steps
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Depends on if Your wanting a Climbing Stand,a Hang-on Stand or a Ladder Stand?

Climbing Stands are good if You want to be mobile,they take a little time setting up and can make some noise while trying to climb up...Summit is one of the best Climbers out there...Old-Man/Ol Man Climbing stands are good and comfortable also.

Hang-on Stands are nice...but You need climbing sticks or the Summit Buck Steps to get up in them and they require to be Hung up first and it takes a lot of skill and manuvering to hang those darn clumsy things.I reccomend the Gorilla,Remington or the Big Dog Hang-on stands that have the arm rest/sides to them and the large comfortable seats.The other Hang-on Stands that have the small foldable seats are very small and un-comfortable for any Hunting over a couple of hours.

Ladder Stands....I love them and they are my choice because they are more comfortable and sturdy in my opinion.Some of the best ladder stands I've personally used are the Big Dogs with the side rails and padded seats,I have about 4 of the 15 foot ladder stands and they are easy to move/pack and set up.The best ladder stand I have is the 2 Rivers Edge 17 foot ladder stands...they take more effort to pack into the woods and it would be better to have 2-People to set them up but I have done it by myself.The seat is bigger and the platform in a little longer stretching outwards but it is safer and has more room,the seat folds up if Your Bow Hunting and it has 2 side rails and a removable front gun rest/rail.

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I think your best bet is to look at a climbing tree stand. This will allow you to have multiple stand set-ups with only having to buy one stand. It also allows you move on the fly depending on what the deer are doing.
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I bought a new Tree Lounge last year, really comfortable & safe & easy to use.
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Depends if your on private or leased land go with the ladder stands. If your hunting Public land go with the climber or a Blind so you can move around. Several times I think I will be hunting a spot on Public land and when I get there other trucks are there and I have to go to an alternate spot. hang on stands are okay just a little more work to set up.

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I have big game ladder stands on my property as well as a summit climber and a pop up blind for public land or hunting friends properties. they all have their advantages and disadvantages, just depends where you will be using them.
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I started using a trophyline tree saddle last year and really like it. It is comfortable and comparatively light weight. http://www.trophylineusa.com/ Consider the property you will be hunting in making your decision. Most public lands will not allow you to place screw in steps or objects that similarly damage the tree. In addition some private land owners might not like it either.
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