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My first year of bow hunting is over.

Old 02-08-2011, 05:45 AM
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Default My first year of bow hunting is over.

Well 2010 was my first year of bow hunting. I learned a lot. I'm a little depressed, I seen alot of deer and love to watch them. But my deep freeze is empty. I took about 6 shots all season, and I can tell you exactly what I did wrong on every one of them. I have talked to several guys that said they didn't get a deer there first year. But next year I know where to put my stand now. And I have a few months to get better with my bow.
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glad to here you took up bow huntin! i can only think you took it up to spend more time in the woods,as i did.
As far as your mistakes go dont worry,they just make you a better hunter in the long run.I have been hunting deer with a bow since 1991 and still make mistakes,we all do thats what makes it hunting and not killing.those of us that hunt deer with a bow dont do it to kill everything that comes by us. we do it for the challenge.And this my friend is what makes the hunt that much more rewarding!

good luck to you!
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i got 2 buddies of mine bow hunting, they didnt do any good this year either, so you're not alone.
i struck out for 4 or 5 years when i started..i aint sure if it was because i was huntin east texas, or because i was learning, but it seemed almost instantaneousness when i changed locations.
keep at it, if ya give up now, it just shows your character.
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As has been said don't give up just think through your hunting locations and adjust if needed. This year was my second season of hunting with a Bow & this year I also ML hunted. I only took one shot with my ML and missed at 130 yards in not so great light. I'm glad I missed her and regretted taking the shot afterward because I got a little impatient.
Keep up your practice with your Bow it will reward you later in the year.I have two seasons Deer hunting and I took two shots all 3 months of the first season,one was a score the other a miss. This year I took 3 shots,two got meat and one did not hit a thing.
I made mistakes both seasons, but I shook them off a kept at it and have had some success after a lot of practice and hard work.
One thing that has helped me is marking my distances ahead of time,noteing my yardages at evey possible shot opportunity. Trying to get the distance just before I shoot would have cost me the shots I took on the 3 deer I harvested because they did not linger long in one spot. GOD bless and keep at it because I enjoy the Bow way more than the gun it is just a big rush when they are right on you instead of a longer way off.
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I can tell your hooked. lol. You are now a life member of the "Bow Nuts of America" and their is no cure. Welcome Jim
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6 shots? I'm curious what you did wrong on all of them...?

My cousin couldn't hit a deer with a bow for a while, he was a great hunter too.

Are you holding out for a buck? or anything?

Once you get one I'm sure the 2nd one will be easier than the 1st.
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My first season with a bow I shot at a black bear and a doe on two consecutive days and missed both. I'll probably never get another shot at a black bear as I don't hunt much in the mountains anymore.

This year, my second year, I took my first archery deer - a small 6 point.
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Good job Stonewall mine was a 7 and to me it was a trophy being my first Deer.
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Its a wonderful thing bow huntin is an addiction for me. I cant get enough. I went more years without a kill but after that first one it seemed easyer. I was able to control my nerves and and get the job done. The best advice is to learn from your mistakes and practice as much as possible. Good luck next season.
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Hey medic242, sounds like your hooked. You just keep trying, you will get better. Keep practicing, & if possible try practicing from an elevated platform or treestand with a 3d
deer target. Try setting your target @ different positions & distances, just like as if your in real hunting situations. Trust me this will help greatly. Good luck.
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