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Do you shoot at running deer?

Old 01-14-2011, 03:31 PM
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Both of these deer where shot @60-70 yards.
8-pointer went 10 yards (double lunger)...
Spike went about 60 yards (gut shot).

Missed one many years ago.

Have passed at most running deer,
including this big one at 15 yards, as the gun stock got caught on my jacket under my armpit and didn't feel comfortable taking the shot! I write this to show that I am VERY selective IF I rarely take the shot. IF I were irresponsible I certainly would have thrown lead at this big guy and IT did cross my mind, but chose not to. Just didn't feel right!

My buddy shot him this year, but I posed with the buck due to have a few years worth of history with him...

As someone mentioned, that I in fact have done a ton of grouse/rabbit hunting (30 years) and do quite well (take a look @ the upland section), so I feel comfortable, IN SOME INSTANCES, But NOT MANY, to take a running shot.
Choose wisely or pass!
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Old 01-14-2011, 05:36 PM
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Shot one at 20 yards last season when she was on a full gallup. Double lunged her.
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Old 01-15-2011, 04:58 AM
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I shot a doe that was running and hit her perfectly. She dropped in her tracks. I shot a coyote running and dropped her in her tracks. I shot my buck this year at a trot and dropped him in his tracks. I didn't hit him quite where I wanted to though.
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Just holler "STOP" then shoot.....
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Originally Posted by Nalgi
I have to laugh when I read people using "ethics" for lack of shooting skill!!!!

In the west if you cant shoot a moving target you wont fill many tags. Rule of thumb:
walking-let them walk into your crosshair, then fire. Trot (mule deer have a distinct stiff legged bounce) cross hair at front of chest. running- chest high, under the chin.

Put a piece of cardboard in a tire and roll it down a hill, you'll get it.
I live in the west, I fill a tag every year and never had to, nor will I ever attempt a running shot on a big game animal, It has nothing to do with lack of skill, I have shot several coyotes that were running, the last at 200 yards, coyotes are a lot smaller than deer! I believe in only taking a shot that I KNOW is going to be a clean, quick, and humane kill. All deer dont run at the same speed, and a peice of cardboard in a tire rolling down a hill is not going to make you any better of a shot on a running deer, yeah you might get good at hitting a rolling tire that is traveling the at the same speed everytime, there are alot more varieables when it comes to hitting running game. JMO.
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Default Did when I was young and had the opportunity

But I did a lot of duck hunting back then, so moving shots didn't seem so remarkable.
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Yes I do. I agree with the previous guy, if you yell "Yo" when they are passing you , they may stop. If running flat out I usually just react and shoot. Usually a reaction shot is your best shot, no time to think about it.
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Yes.. Ikilled my first buck..dropped in his tracks while bustin gthrough a thick area...with an open sited 30-30 Stevens bolt action..

A. I was the best shot in my copmany in the army and 2nd best in the battalion..been shooting my entire life.
I was 22 then

Would I make that shot now?...yes..because I guessed where he would cross at..a 3 foot wide window..when he reached the window I sqweezed the trigger..buck down...but if I have any doubts..I do not shoot...
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Yes I would shoot at a deer running if I thought it was going to be a decent shot. I have shot quite a few deer in the past running broadside as well as towards me. While running away I pass it up. I have tried the hollering and whistling thing and it may work some of time. I find most of the time it does not as they have already winded or saw you and want to put in some distance from where you are at.
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I wouldn't lead a deer as someone mentioned with a rifle..especially under 1ooyds..That bullet will be there upon the crack of the shot..I was a decent shot but thought the bullet might drop so I aimed at the spine...Guess where my bullet hit..the spine..and this was a full ..legs stretched out run through thick crap..I quickly put the barrell where I was hoping the deer would run through..and aimed at the back bone above the boiler room area..He fell immediately ..the back bone was severed. I've never had a deer run .They all dropped where I shot them...I had an 8 point that was totally surrounded by brush ..only his small neck exposed..I shot him in the neck..buck was down..

Like another hunter said..In highly pressured WMAs you don't normally get a second chance for venison..most years I see one buck...
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