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Do you shoot at running deer?

Old 01-13-2011, 09:36 PM
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Default Do you shoot at running deer?

I know this is a much debated topic. My question is do you shoot at running deer? If you do, how do you practice to be prepared?

I've read countless guys online saying it's unethical to shoot at a deer that's moving, and that most guys can't hit anything running. At the same time, 90% of the time I see deer once regular firearms season has started they are running because the majority of the guys in this area hunt with dogs. I've also seen how well most of the guys I hunt with can hit the deer even when they are running. The very rarely miss. It got me to wondering if most people are comfortable with running shots, or if most people don't feel confident in taking one?
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Old 01-13-2011, 09:54 PM
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This year I had a buck running right at me. I had a solid rest and was right on him... then I see the idiot hunter in blaze pop into my scope chasing the deer and firing at him (and me). It's kind of shocking to see the muzzle blast (nearly dark) when it's aimed right at you (although lower)... I could easily have shot that deer though. I shot at one deer (doe) moving from my right to left in my life and hit her (although in the guts from not leading her enough) and had to put another one in her. Running wide open 100 yards out. First deer I ever got (18 years old) and with a .243 I built on a Fajen stock and new Mauser Supreme barreled action.

I knew that rifle was a tackhammer and knew where it hit. I also had a tree to lean on (deer was in an open field) so had a solid rest.

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Old 01-14-2011, 01:19 AM
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I have never taken a running shot on a deer, however I have killed several coyotes that were running. On a deer I like to be absolutely positive of my shot. JMO
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With a rifle, no. With a shotgun, yes. I had a buck run by me chasing a doe that just went by. He was about 10 feet away and I was sitting on a bucket in the woods. I never got to raise the shotgun he came in so quick. I pulled an Annie Oakley and took him from the hip. First and only time I've done it. Soooo, it depends on the weapon and the situation.
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only if you like tracking a gut shot deer all day. Their running forward, so most likely they'll be gut shot. Unless your aiming for the head, and then you'll hit them in the shoulder.

If your good at skeet or trap, maybe you have a better chance.
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Old 01-14-2011, 03:20 AM
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Just make sure coonhunter isnt between you and the deer. I've shot one running deer. He was running up a hill right at me. I followed him with my scope as he was zig zagging around. As he was, I was well aware of all around me, as this was my honey hole. Well, he got to be about 15 yds from me when he decided to gently look upward, it must have been a strange sight for him. He appeared to have a wtf look on his face. As I made my choice to fire he made his choice to slow down and his head reared up enough so I could slip a 165 gr into his enlarged throat. Needless to say, I did not hang him from his head.
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Only with a clear, calculated shot. My deer hunting in Minnesota, in a high pressure area almost demanded that if you want venison, you learn how to hit a moving target to put it down before it gets to the boundary line. I used to also hunt with a large group, we would make pushes all day, these deer are running. Sad to say I missed a few and got bad hits on a few before I learned to shoot a moving target well. My brothers and I would practice by cutting a piece of cardboard to fit inside an old tire, one of us would roll it down a hill and the others would shoot at it.
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Got a nice sized doe this year on the run.
Heard it coming as it was being pushed past me @ 20 yards, put a nice lead on it just like duck hunting and it dropped in it's tracks.
Second time over the years that has happened this way, I only shoot when the deer is very close.
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like some others posted, ive shot one deer on the run, but it was already wounded and i was using a shotgun. I guess it would depend on the situation but i doubt id take a running shot moving side to siide or away unless it was a wounded animal or just some unusual circumstance.....my gut says no and its usually right.
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I believe its up to the individual shooter. If your skill is good enough and your are confident in the shot I dont see a problem. I had much rather take a standing shot, but I have shot a few deer running with a rifle. A good way to practice is to rabbit hunt with a 22. I done this for many years and it taught me how to lead and follow thru with my shot.
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