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223 for deer?

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Originally Posted by gator59
OP i suggest you get a 308 and put a limbsaver pad on it. I guarantee you it will not kick as much as 223.
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55 gr nosler parition in the neck works great
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Originally Posted by Rebel Hog
Modern writers on the internet and in magazine articles have tended to refer to him and his tally of elephants in this vein, “He shot most of his 1000 elephants with a 7x57mm rifle” or words to that effect. In fact, Walter Bell killed 1011 elephants with a 7x57 in the course of his career.

Shot placement, Shot placement, Shot placement...
Ironically, I got into a discussion about this the other night with this old dude at work. My point was WTF did someone need to shoot over 1000 elephants for?

Eh, I had a relative sit his kid in a blind near me once with a .22 LR and I found myself somehow helping track a wounded deer we never found. I never said my whole family was geniuses.

My dad used to have an old school .222 that was my brother's first gun. Set him up in blind looking down a road and when went to pick him up that evening, we had 2 does to field dress.

That said, while shot placement is critical no matter what caliber, I file that away as a bit dubious of an idea. I didn't learn much in the way of hunting ethics from Earl (my dad)

I've got a .243 for my wife and my kids (when they become ready to shoot at a deer). Both are smallsh girls and at 7 and 9 are not ready for hunting deer yet. I made the decision over a .223 because I prefer to minimize chances of loss where I can.

But that's just me. Personally, I've always trended to overkill. I started with a .270 but graduated to a .300 Win MAG, then a 7MAG and am now with a .30-06. Eh, in all cases, the guns were loaners from Earl until my uncle left me the .30-06.
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