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Originally Posted by buckman11
Shot this 7 point opening day. Scored 129 6/8 - My biggest buck to date.
love to hunt woods like that.. open forest hardwoods.. I live in florida, so thick n hot n humid lol
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Congrats on the nice deer! Unfortunately MZ season doesn't even open until Nov 7th in TN and gun season is after that. I am ready for it though. I didn't have any luck with the bow the few times I got to go out. Keep the pics coming, gets my buck fever raging lol.
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Our season isn't till Nov. 21 it'll be my first year out for deer season though I'll be using my 20 gauge with slugs. Two tags only this year the county I'm in only had 150 doe tags this year compared to over 500 last year but it'll give more time to grow can't complain there.
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Originally Posted by BrianSpitzig
A couple nice bucks taken from Spitzig's Outfitting in Alberta, Canada.
Hello Gene Hackman!!
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Nice deer in these pics. I live in Waupaca, Wisconsin. It's the number 1 county for deer. Went about 200 yards from where I live (near an apple orchard) and had a monster cross right in front of me. It would easily score 160 or probably much better. Of course our gun deer season doesn't start until this Saturday (Nov. 21st) so it's the last time it probably will be seen. Hides inside city limits so no one can hunt it.
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300lb scored right about 140 give or take a few beers. Fortunately I disconnected his heart and he stayed right on the ATV trail I have cut in for the last 40 or 50 feet of his life.

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I haven't been on here in a long time but though I'd share some pics and info.

Both deer were taken in West Tennessee with a CVA Optima .50. The buck was taken using 100grs of pyrodex powder and a 245gr power belt. The power belt left no blood trail whatsoever and if the buck had ran into the woods may never had been found, luckily he ran across the field and piled up in plain view due to the double lung shot.

The doe was taken by my 8 year old son for his first deer. it was taken with 150grs of pyrodex powder and a TC 250gr sabot, blood everywhere, as my friend Doug would say "Stevie Wonder could have followed that trail". It only ran 80-90 yards before piling up even though only one lung was hit.

Both deer were shot at about 60 yards.

I'm not sure if the massive difference in wounds was due to more powder (higher velocity) or the different bullet.

Rifle season is now open so I'll have try try some different things next year.
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Good shooting dbierman congrats to your son on his 1st deer!
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This guy walked out opening night in Wisconsin gun season 30 yards away from me and started browsing on some buck forage oats I planted. Was able to get my gun up and move in the stand without him noticing. He went about 15 yards and laid for good.

He is a 9 pointer with a 19 1/4 inch inside spread. He was dressed and weighed 210 pounds!

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Thats a bruiser golfpro261 congrats! I heard southern WI got snow for the opener, we didn't get any up north or in west central, but it was 6 degrees Sun morning.
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