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Default grunting

I dont use a grunt call too often for the main reason that I believe it can do more damage than good if not done right. I see all these videos of people using a grunt to call in deer. They say the deer is coming in for the grunt, but it always looks like the deer didnt even hear the grunt and just happened to come that way. Does anyone have any videos that show someone using a grunt where the deer clearly comes in for the grunt. Also any tips on using a grunt would be great.
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Sorry, No videos, but i believe it helps almost 100%. Iv never really did any damage wit it. I use the true talker and love it. Just yesterday i made it in the woods late because of school work, and because of this stupid time change the deer move early over by me, So as i was walking in to my stand i spooked a buck, pulled out the call, did a few short guns, kept walking did 1 more after 5 steps then walked a wase, Spooked him again..... so i did another grunt, made it to my stand, got up did 2 more and then he was back..... Ended up passing him up cuz he was just an 8point, but really helps wen u get busted.
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i like the grunt tube. just as long as they arent looking your way when you blow it. if they are coming in i wont blow it until they start to veer off course. i was hunting from the ground yesterday and saw a deer through the woods in the cut corn about 90 yards away. i didnt like where i set up so i ran about 5 steps while blowing the grunt tube to get behind this clump of trees and within 2 minutes i had that doe from the field at 10 yards. i ll use a call to cover up some steps if its crunchy leaves and i feel that the grunting and sounds of leaves crunching convinced that deer there was another close by and it came over to investigate.
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I have 2 ropes on my stand. 1 for pulling up my bow, the other I tie a log and leave on the ground. When I think there are no deer around and I'm blind calling, I'll shake the rope with the log on it to crunch and smash the leaves underneath. Seems to add a touch of realizm to my grunting and I've had success with this method. If I'm muzzle loading on the ground I'll shake atree and make noise while grunting too.
Does never pay attention to my grunting. They can be 30yd.s away and I'll grunt at 'em to pass time and they rarely even look my way, even while getting louder with the calling. Kinda gives me a complex or think my call don't sound like a real deer. But the bucks do respond 75% of the time.
Good luck!
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when rattling a grunting...less is more...ya want the deer's curiosity to bring em in. if ya keep banging and grunting, you'll probably get busted
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I only use grunting when I am rattleing.
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