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Never be ashamed

Old 11-05-2010, 12:23 PM
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Default Never be ashamed

I just wanted to post this in response to all the thread created about feeling ashamed about shooting a deer, or shooting a "small" or undesireable deer weather by accident or on purpose.

When you decide to take a deer the decision is made and there is no amout of regret that will put your quarry back in the woods so be respectful of your harvest by being happy and proud.

We should not feel remorse or sad about taking a deer we are in the food chain and we gave the deer more times then not a easier end then it would normally have if it had sercum to predators or winter die off. Also, deer are animals of instinct not soulish beings capable of coherient thought. There is not fear or joy just the instinct to eat, breed, and flee.

So once again be respectful of your harvest and be proud because any deer is a good deer.

I have attached a photo of a deer I mistook for a doe in low light last year, when I approached the deer I realized it was a spike I normally would have allowed to walk but since the deed was done I decided to be happy anyway.
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Old 11-05-2010, 12:34 PM
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I agree and good post! But for some people its more of an obsession. Obsession of taking a monster buck, obsession of being the talk of the town, obsession of killing an animal that has become almost impossible to hunt because he has become smarter!Learning from every mistake you make as a hunter. There is nothing wrong shooting 1.5 year old bucks. You made a great shot and recovered the animal, mission accomplished. For those that get sick to their stomach for shooting a 1.5 year old deer or even 2.5 year old is because they are obsessed with the hunt and their needs have not be satisfied.
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Old 11-05-2010, 12:40 PM
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I love the post dude really spot the freak on. got one question for ya why on god's green earth did you put your gun in the mud. Why did you just not lay it across the deer out of the mud.
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Old 11-05-2010, 12:47 PM
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Just dirt not mud but then mud would just give it a little more character.
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Old 11-05-2010, 12:50 PM
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I couldn't agree more. I also enjoy being out in the woods and I absolutely love to hunt the elusive white tailed deer. Any deer that I decide to take is a trophy to me, especially with my bow. My family and I eat deer as our main meat staple and so I am not a bit ashamed of the 90 pound doe I arrowed the other day! As a matter of fact, her roast tasted like a little piece of Heaven the other day smothered in gravy with a big pile of mashed taters and corn on the side!!

We all have our goals when we head to the stand, to some a 200" deer is the goal and nothing under 150" is acceptable and that's just fine! Mine is to fill my freezer with venison. Early in the season I will usually let the spikes, forks and small 6's walk IIIIIIIFFFFFF I can... As RUGER77 said, had I shot that spike at 200 yards, I would've been more than happy to slap my buck tag on it. The very last few days of season if I still have a buck tag left, fellas I'm gonna fill it with a legal deer as soon as I can!

Some of you may read this and say "With that mindset, he'll never grow trophy deer on his hunting ground" I guess if you're idea of a trophy is a 200" deer, then by golly I'll say you're probably right my friend!!

But by God my wife and kids and I will eat good this winter!!

Sorry if I've rambled!
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Old 11-05-2010, 12:54 PM
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remember why most hunt,
for food and population control,
even if its not that trophy buck you intended, it still serves its purpose.
enjoy your take,
and work on why it didnt go as intended
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Default Agree in part

But there will always be hunters who regret hunting and harvesting game; give up hunting because it doesn't suit their beliefs, feelings, or interests in the end.

I never felt sorrow if a hunter quit. Just as long as they could quit and I still had the opportunity to hunt. I don't believe in some kind of universality. Some can hunt; some cannot hunt.

Plus I never oversold myself on the trophy aspect of hunting as some end in itself. On a cold winter evening, like today, I always looked at my trophy cooking away in a hunter's stew, with potatoes and carrots. with dumplings on the top of the dutch oven.

And I never cared if a hunter ever learned how to cook worth a damn.

Learned I could never worry about the universe.
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There is so much pressure on hunters now to shoot the "bull of the woods" due to the make believe hunting shows on tv. (Okay Joe, release the deer for Mike H. to shoot!)

My first buck was a spike and I was thrilled. Now I wait for a big one because I don't want to gut one unless it's worthwhile, LOL. I enjoy sitting in the woods watching nature and could care less if I get one or not. And the small ones are the best eating ones....
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Im all for letting the small bucks grow but as stated elsewhere on this site quality deer managment is impossible on small tracts. You cant control what others shoot.
I kinda look at it like dont pass on amything you dont want someone else to shoot.
As for passing the small ones for me its mainly if you shoot the small one you wont be there if a big one does come along.
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Spot on post. I have realized something this yr. I have moved past the have to kill bubble. I'm 30 now and I love the outdoors. It's my therapy. Some soldiers make apts to talk to people, some opt for meds and therapy. I opt for the woods. Spent 30 months in Iraq and had some bad experiences. I want the woods. Can't put it any other way. I realized this yr when I screwed up on a big one. I came home and realized I wasn't mad. Wow 10 yrs agoI would have been pissed. Now it was a cool experience and it was a blessing to have a big deer in that close.

To me nothing is better then a cold crisp morning in the woods. My wife thinks I hunt to much. She doesn't realize I need the woods to clear my head.

Great post and more should read it and remember what hunting is really about.
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