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Don't Blink

Old 10-28-2010, 10:32 AM
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Post Don't Blink

Isn't it amazing how the deer show up exactly at the moment your distracted or a little drowsy on stand. As I look back over these past 3 1/2 weeks of bow season I must admit they have caught me off guard a time or two. Like tuesday night when I was focused on a Buck feeding 80 yards to my front left for quite a while and then I hear a twig snap 20 yards to my right front. I look up and a Doe has come out of the woods with a fawn in tow I had been looking at every once in a while while looking at the Buck. She could have been there for sevral minutes for all I know. And two weeks ago when I had squirrels hopping around for an hour behind me only to turn and look behind me and see a Doe 12 yards away coming out of a ravine into a field. If I had not been lulled to sleep by the tree rats I could of had a shot at her,maybe. And lastly I took a look in the rear field behind me from a blind then got up and walked to look in the front field and by the time I look into the rear field for one last time before calling it a night a 4 point Buck comes through where I had just looked a few minutes ago. I'll stop here but I could like many of you keep going sharing such incidents while hunting. What they must think of us,would'nt it be interesting to ease drop on them when they bed down and get ready to call it a day or night or what ever? When we blink they seem to know it some of the time,I'll be glad when it's my turn to catch them blinking or distracted. Later my fellow hunters and wish me good hunting tonight and in the morning it is going to be the coolest evening and coldest morning of the years so far.
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thats the truth. last year a friend and i went to arkansas to rifle hunt (it opens a month earlier than kansas) and opening morning my buddy had his head laid down on his rifle rest when he looked up there was a nice 8 40 yards aways that he was able to harvest. oh and good luck hunting!
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Old 10-28-2010, 11:10 AM
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That happens to all of us I think. I was bowhunting this year on a steep hill overlooking a field. There is a draw that runs behind me that is level with my sitting position on the tree due to the incline. I just "felt" something was behind me about 15 min before dark one night and turned slowly to look. Sure enough there was a nice 7 point and scrub 6 point looking in my direction at about 50 yds. They didn't see me I don't think but they knew something wasn't right and skirted my area.

It was so quiet that evening that I was scared to even breath hard, and I didn't hear a thing as they walked in. Unbelievable.
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Old 10-28-2010, 11:19 AM
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I was in a stand early afternoon on opening day of bow season checking college football scores on my Motorola Droid X and missed my best opportunity of getting a deer so far. She came in on me quick as I believe another hunter spooked her. Not sure I could have gotten a shot even if I wasn't playing with the phone, but it definitely didn't help.
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Me and my son were hunting and looking out straight in front of us just waiting and partially sleeping and I look to our right and I see an 8 point buck not more than 30 yards away. It was to dark to take a shot but after 5 minutes some light shined through and my son took him at 110 yards.
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Had that happen tonight and several other times.
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