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Default Tinks

I was wondering if it's too early to use doe in heat? The rut should start in 2 or 3 weeks so I was wondering if it's early enough to give it a try
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I never use any doe in heat urine until Nov. 1st. Until then I use a Buck urine for pre rutt.
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I'm no expert on this subject but in the course of looking at some great youtube hunting video by a fellow here in KY. who seems to know his stuff,I saw him get busted due to seting off Tinks 69 product in his hunting area twice. He thinks some deer have figured out it is a fake scent and it sets them off when they get a wiff of it. He hunts in Spencer County KY. near Taylorsville Lake a very popular public hunting area. I'm begining to wonder if the Buck Bomb Doe"P" is hurting me as well because the one time I have not used it is the only morning hunt I have not been busted on when a lot of deer are around me. Any thoughts about this while we are on the subject of rut scent products? His name is Mike O'Brian check it out.

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If I do use it this weekend, I use a small amount, a real light drag every yard or so past the stand, and no hanging the wick. Especially when the temps, like today in NY, are well above normal. If a cold spell falls in the following week, I'll increase the dose and usage. Sometimes if you use too much too early, you'll get the stupid 1 1/2 yr olds, but will spook away the bigger bucks.
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Ive never had much luck with it but I've seen my dad hang a scent wick out and have bucks come up to it and smell of it so I thought I'd try it. He killed 3 over it one year (2 in tn 1 in ky) but it was middle to late Nov.. When he did,
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I would never use that junk, around here they have fresh frozen HS scents I believe, used them for years...with no luck.

I think it's one of those things that only works when it works...

Just another thing I don't need to hassle with IMO.

Maybe it's just been my area I've hunted, but who knows?

I say you're better off hunting hard/well in a quality area and quit messing with the latest/greatest junk out there.
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This is where a game camera is worth it's weight...If you are getting pictures of bucks with black hocks, it's not too early, if not, it is...
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