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Deer Baiting-Yes or No?

Old 11-03-2010, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by UPHunter08
In your opinion. The definition of 'fair chase' is pretty subjective. Many non-hunters would argue that trail cams, high tech bows or rifles with scopes bring so much technology into the sport that it's no longer fair chase. I'm not pro-baiting, for what it's worth, but I'm trying to bring a little proper perspective to this. I prefer to hunt over natural food sources where possible. I have better results that way.

Also, in my experience, baiting actually makes it harder to score a mature buck, so in that aspect, your fair chase argument holds no water. If someone is baiting to shoot a doe or yearling, then yeah, I'll agree that it makes that a little easier. I also agree that hunters with access to only small tracts, they have little choice but to bait if the deer aren't naturally crossing the property. Not everyone has access to hundreds of acres of property or hunts near ag land. Who are we to deny them the right to hunt how they wish to as long as it's legal?
I too agree, for the most part, to each his own. However, this thread started by asking opinion's about baiting.

I see it as an ethical question, one that does not allow for the splitting of hairs hunting a buck versus hunting a doe or fawn for the freezer. They are all deer, and I just see it as an unethical practice, in other words cheating.
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Originally Posted by Waldo Hunter
There you go, you are correct. I did infer that you were calling them terrible people and also bashing people. I never once said you were. I just infered, and you realized that in a way you were bashing people that bait. Otherwise you wouldnt get riled up. Relax its all okay. Like I said in the beginning, to each his own. Pretty simple concept there. BTW I dont hunt over bait. I just think its funny how hunters will "bash" other hunters just because they use different tactics. I know a lot of people do it just to take inventory of what bucks are around. Either way it's not illegal in Kansas and I will put out some corn if I want to.
Except I'm not getting all riled up about it. It doesn't really affect me in any way. We don't bait, and our neighbors don't bait, so I don't really care. I was just throwing the facts out there.
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Okay, you keep throwing facts out there. But you have to admit, you did get riled up a few times during this thread. You can tell the way you wrote, that you were not writing everything with a big smile on your face. Good luck this season, don't be huntin' over any acorns either

Originally Posted by dusters84
Except I'm not getting all riled up about it. It doesn't really affect me in any way. We don't bait, and our neighbors don't bait, so I don't really care. I was just throwing the facts out there.
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Originally Posted by ssnow1970
I am a college student studying Wildlife Biology. Im having to give a presentation on wildlife baiting in general. I wanted to get some real life opinions weather or not you think wildife baiting should be allowed or not. This is not just secluded to deer baiting, opinions to any type of game species you hunt is more than welcome! Thanks!

Well spike im kinda partial since not only do I bait in my area I also hunt at night for my kill. I feel that we as humans need to do whatever it takes to survive and also do whatever makes us happy. For me thats big Bucks and the best time to find them is at night while they sleep in in an open feild anfter chasing does and filling their stomach with clover. But I also bait them to hahaha it aint allowed where i live but hey it makes me happy.
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I'm in the NO baiting camp.

I guess for me "baiting" is about sitting there in a tower, looking over a large feeder, with several deer standing around eating corn, and being told "their" names as they eat.
Being told WHEN they will show up. Being told not to shoot any of them, like the "white-faced 4", or the "tight little 6", or any of the countless does because you are waiting on an 8pt or larger to step out.
I've seen a dozen deer standing around those feeders at once, from yearlings to young 6pts, just eating like squirrels.
That aint hunting to me. Sorry.

That was an experience on a previous lease "club", that I did not participate with long.

Thousands of lbs of corn a year, that we all had to put in some $$ for.
Putting in man hours to keep shooting lanes open, or paying an extra $$.
Paying the percentage of lease $$.

Factor in gas prices driving there, and aggravation with the hunters, it was much cheaper to buy beef.

Although to those hunters (who didn't even eat their kill), it was strictly about antlers.

I am just a different kind of hunter.
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