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comfortable chair for ground

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Default comfortable chair for ground

My dad and I went hunting this past Saturday, we didn't see anything. We bought these 5 gallon buckets with a swivel seat on top from walmart. Let me tell you they are uncomfortable!!!!!!!!! I am looking for a comfortable chair that I can take with me. My dad is going to use one of his green fold out chairs. I was wondering if this would be ok or should I try to find something different? Any suggestions for a chair or seat?
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Well if you are gun hunting......



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Nope I don't gave any thoughts as to what type of chair to use.
Never ever considered using one.I guess, I would use a green fold out chair if I needed to as well cause I can't think of anything else.
Well there you go. Matt posted before I saw it.
That's what I would go with.
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If you are looking for a chair with a backrest, the Gobbler Lounger chair at cabelas is very comfy.


Or if you are looking for just a seat cushion:

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those fold away camping chairs are maybe the way to go...

something with a back and arm rests...

anything is comfortable in the store after only a minute of sitting on it...
the real test is hours long...
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Get a swivel office chair with rollers on the wheels and arm rests. Cheap if you look hard and work great. That's what's up in my box blind 15 feet.


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The Ameristep chair blinds I posted have backrests, armrests and drink holders. The window flaps hold shut or in place (partially shut) with sewn in magnets instead of stupid velcro. The blinds with velco are S-T-U-P-I-D. Maybe they couldn't find anything noisier.

I love my chair blinds. They offer alot of pluses. Keep wind off you. Keep rain or snow off you. And keep some heat in.
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The wife and I use Ameristep Doghouse blinds and love them!!! We have 2 and I place them a week before season and have had deer come up within 15 ft and look inside and I almost could not keep from laughing out loud at them. I have placed them in standing corn and brushed them in with corn stalks as well. Work great. We use regular folding lawn chairs and the arms just overlap in the center a tad. Can sit all day without a problem. Plenty of leg room as well. Put the backpacks in the corner, gun standing up in corner, chair bag behind the chair on ground. Small heater can be placed in front between and both enjoy the heat. (Place sandwich in aluminium foil and you can heat it up on top of the rack!!) We have been using them for 8 years and I almost don't gun hunt from a tree anymore!!!
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I prefer the folding chairs without arm rests. I've found that the arm rests get in your way if you need to turn to either side to get a shot, especially with a bow. I picked up a nice little folding seat with a triangular shaped seat and a back from Cabelas. It's as comfortable as any seat I've tried and gives you total freedom of movement.
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I am going the opposite direction as you, I used chairs last year in my blind but bought the rotating bucket lids this year. I hope they are comfortable enough though I do have my doubts. The reason for the switch is I had a nice dark horned 6 or 8 ptr come out right at last light last year. He wasn't 20 yards from my blind and to my right. Being right handed and in a camp chair with arms, I couldn't swing on him. I tried, but he either heard me or saw me and ran. Had I been on the padded bucket, I could have swung on him in a second.
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