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The wife and I use Ameristep Doghouse blinds and love them!!! We have 2 and I place them a week before season and have had deer come up within 15 ft and look inside and I almost could not keep from laughing out loud at them. I have placed them in standing corn and brushed them in with corn stalks as well. Work great. We use regular folding lawn chairs and the arms just overlap in the center a tad. Can sit all day without a problem. Plenty of leg room as well. Put the backpacks in the corner, gun standing up in corner, chair bag behind the chair on ground. Small heater can be placed in front between and both enjoy the heat. (Place sandwich in aluminium foil and you can heat it up on top of the rack!!) We have been using them for 8 years and I almost don't gun hunt from a tree anymore!!!
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