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Whats the age of this guy?

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Well you can tell pretty close a deer's age by the exterior if you know what to look for. There are things about a deer's body that will tip you off to the age. Swayed back, neck flowing right into the brisket, paunched belly, roman nose, all these separately and combined can tell you pretty close to how old a deer is. There is a difference between a old deer and a big deer. The deer in question here I am "guessing" 3.5 year old.

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alright thanks guys!
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and this is in wi
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2.5 year old buck. small neck and no neck sag at all, plus face is still long and narrow.
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i'd say 2 or maybe 2.5
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2.5 to 3.5
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Originally Posted by Mr. Deer Hunter View Post
You can't tell the age of a deer by just looking at it's exterior.

Shoot it and then compare the jaw bone to one in a age chart.

Then show it to a deer biologist..

What might be a massive buck for North Carolina might be just a ordinary buck for Wisconsin or Saskatchewan Canada, and has nothing to do with how old it is.
You get a pretty good idea of the age by looking at the the body, especially on a young deer such as the one in question. For a buck from the midwest this is a 2 1/2 year old
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I'd say a short 3yr old or a long 2yr old (i.e. 2.5-3.5)... But then again, I'm not as familiar with high north whitetails as I am with midwesterns...

Despite what the "all knowing" Mr. Deerhunter says, yes, you can fairly accurately estimate the age of a deer by the external appearance. Still a narrow muzzle/snout still developing muscles in the shoulder and hind quarters, narrow brow, not much white around the muzzle, youth in his knees, not much depth or width in his chest, high elasticity in his gut (looks like he has a beer gut, cuz his ab muscles are still holding paunch tight, but they're flexible enough to let his full belly drop a bit)... All that points to a fairly young buck, but at his size, he's no baby...

Great rack for his size and age too... If the pressure is on, I'd take him out this year, if he's hidden away somewhere that nobody else hunts on and there's no other reason he'd venture elsewhere, then I'd give him another couple years (assumes you don't have other bucks his size or larger in the area that might push him off the territory, and that his harem-when he finds one-doesn't lure him elsewhere)
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