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favorite hunting shows?

Old 09-27-2010, 01:03 PM
Fork Horn
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Default favorite hunting shows?

Mine are Pigman the series and bone collector. Brian (pigman) is hilarious and he gets down in there and will get dirty right along with the dogs. so what shows do you tune into
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I like watching the pigman as far as entertainment but I really like the shows that really teach you something. I like "Quality Whitetails" and "The Management Advantage". Also like "Deer and Deer Hunting" and "North American Whitetail". These are the ones I like best because as I said earlier, they teach you something. I like most any kind of hunting show, but I wish more would go in the direction of "teaching" instead of "entertaining".
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Hunting shows are nothing but half hour long informertials where they tell you that you can't hunt deer or turkeys unless you buy their products.

You always see the actors with brand new clothes and guns.

You never see then with old rifles and torn clothes and a beat up old pick up truck.

The funniest ones are the guys who hunts deer and elk in a pen and the guide is wearing a cowboy hat and blue jeans and the shooters have nothing but the best in camo and hunting rifles. They sit there and talk the whole time till they squeeze the trigger and the guide tells the shooter if he is allowed to shoot it or not.

In the real world, you have maybe 10 seconds from the time you see the deer until you shoot. If you hesitate even for just a second, the deer is gone forever.

The funniest part of those ranch style hunts is that you are not allowed to leave your tree stand or blind until the guide comes to get you and by that time it is dark outside. Not all deer are shot 15 minutes before it gets dark. Or that the hunters don't go out until about 7AM and they come back to the lodge at 11 AM for lunch and a nap and then they go back to the stand around 2:30 PM.

IN the real world, if you don't pay your dues, the man who snoozes looses.

My favorite shows are The Rifleman and The A-Team and old television programs on TV land. Dukes of Hazzard and Holmes on Homes.
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My favorite show is The New Red Green Show!

That man can fix anything or build anything with not much more then a hacksaw, a cutting torch, a welder and a roll of Duct Tape and a old boat trailer and a couple of K cars.
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my favorite for info is Jim Shockey, Bone Collector, Drury Bro's and of course Tiffaney- Lee, sorry dude.
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I really liked Heartland Bowhunter seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 was okay, it seemed more like a music video. I heard Jeff Simpson (the Host of 1 and 2) is doing something different with Fencepost Media. So maybe thats why the show trailed off. If you like good video, good quality, and a excellent hunting show. Check them out on the web heartlandbowhunter.com. Free videos for season three!!
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the best and worst of tred barta
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I like about all of them as I get to watch hunting when I don't get to be hunting. I don't really care that much for hunting bear over bait or the high fence hunts but will watch them if that is all that is on. I do realize they are major infomercials though but that doesn't work on me. Or does it, I did buy a TC Encore for my wife this year.
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I don't have cable or satellite so my favorite online show is Midwest Whitetail, it's quite informative. I also like the fact you can watch hunts from almost every midwestern state.
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I really liked Heartland Bowhunter
Heartland Bowhunter is the best hunting show on TV period.
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