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Red dot scope on a shotgun??

Old 09-18-2010, 11:31 AM
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Default Red dot scope on a shotgun??

Well my dad and i were talking this year how i was going to use his 12 gauge for youth hunting because i only got a 20 gauge sooo anywas my dad has a red dot should it matter if i use it without sighting it in but also my dad says its right on??? and also im lefty and he is righty??? please comment on this post i want to know...
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The 20 gauge shot gun is probably a better option in my opinion for hunting white tail deer with slugs.

The 12 gauge slug weighs more and does not have a significantly larger amount of powder behind it.

In my opinion, I would purchase several boxes of slugs and take the gun to a range and shoot it at the range you expect to shoot it at - with the same clothes on that you would be wearing when you were hunting.

Find out which shells were the most accurate and go back to the store where you bought the original shells and buy several boxes of the identical shell - same lot number etc..

Neither the shotgun nor the scope is going to be a real tack driver at 100 yards, but you might get it sighted in good enough to keep it in the center of the target ( 3 inch ring) 3 times at 50 yards.

I started my hunting career with a model 94 Winchester 30/30 rifle and it was not much better then a 20 gauge shotgun with slugs.
I don't remember anybody ever getting anything with that rifle.
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A lot of variables come into play on this. First off your dad says its "right on". Right on with what kind of load? Did he sight and pattern it for and with turkey loads,did he sight it with slugs, or did he sight it and pattern it with buck shot? It all boils down to what you'll be hunting with,slugs or buckshot. If he sighted it with slugs then use the same brand and gr. of slug he used and the same holds true if he used buckshot to sight it. If you use anything different than what you plan to use then by all means take it to the range and dial it in with what you'll be shooting otherwise you may end up with a wounded or missed deer.
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you better shoot it. I am sure your dad has it sighted in but you will be the one using it.
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Definatey get used to the gun before you hunt animals.And make sure you your confident with it in every hunting situation or don't use it.Just because it's sighted in for your dad doesn't mean your gonna hit the target.It's sighted in for his stature.This entales everthing you do when you bring the gun up to eye level.the stock gets cradled into your shoulder before the sight is at eye level.He can handle the weight and recoil. Maybe you can't.If you don't shoot it how do you know your not pulling just because it's not fitted to your body. Never use another persons gun on animals without checking it out for yourself first for these reasons.Your Dad should know better. Good question to ask.

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if your dad's gun is set up for slugs then id say use it. as for the left handed thing if you dont mind a shell flying across your face then your fine. i am right handed butnhave shot a lefty gun, i didnbt even notice it
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