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Fork Horn
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Haven't used it for years, but I dug it out of the back of the safe this year and decided I wanted to use it again. I camo dipped it and had a red dot holographic sight put on it. Model 94.

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Nontypical Buck
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Every time i have pulled the trigger on a deer using my 30-30, the deer expired. I used to use 150g Rem CL. Went to the factory Hornady Leverevolution. Now i handload the Hornady LR.

Only one (neck shot) dropped on the spot but none have ever gone more than 50 yards. The round just gets it done.

Marlin 336
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All I used for years,had to pass it on to a grandson.Winchester 94.I used 170gr core loks.
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Originally Posted by FlDeerman View Post
All I used for years,had to pass it on to a grandson.Winchester 94.I used 170gr core loks.
X'2 My 336 marlin 30.30 will be passed on to one of my Grandsons with the stipulation that it is passed on to his son or daughter. In my opinion the 30.30 is the most versatile rifle ever made.
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Default 30-30

I've also got a Marlin 336, had it for years. Mostly have used it as a walk around gun in our swamps. I don't sit stands much anymore and have taken numerous whitetails and hogs with this old rifle. I started out using 150 grn bullets until I tried a box 125 grn hollow points by Federal. I believe Winchester also loads the 125. I started hand loading about 15 or 20 years ago and use nothing but the 125 hollow point. Have never lost an animal or had a long tracking job. I load the 125 HP for a couple of friends and have made believers out of them, it is a great load.

The longest shot I have ever taken with it was 139 steps. My brother also has a 30-30 he uses occasionally and he made the same shot at the same time as I did. There was two does standing together in a field and we both shot at that distance and both droped in their tracks. Don't get me wrong, I normally don't shoot that far with it, but it was wide open.


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I'll take my Winchester out this year. Got my nicest buck to date with it. I use just the general remington 150 grain. Did the trick then and since then.
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Win '94 30-30.
It's the only centerfire rifle I own. Tried for years
to justify another, just can't do it because everytime
I shoot something with this thing it dies until it is dead.

Win 150gr Power Points get the job done
without being too expensive to keep
a few hundred rounds on hand.
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I have a winchester 94 that my uncle gave me as a kid. I also use a ruger hawkeye 270 that's scoped. One day I take the 30-30, the next day I use the 270. I just love the old school feel of the 30-30.
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Fork Horn
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i shot my first 2 deer with a model 94 32.spl which is pretty much the same idea
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Still hunt occasionally w/my 30-30 Winchester Model 94. I inherited it also, it seems to be a common thing on this thread. I like the open sites it just makes things that much more challanging. Ive always used the Rem. CL 150gr but after reading this thread I may pick up a box of Hornady's LR.
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