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Originally Posted by SteveBNy View Post
Reducing and covering scent are 2 completely different things.

Reduction is possible - covering/masking is not.
Winner winner chicken dinner.....You are 100 % correct.
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Originally Posted by 4evrhtn View Post
Everything=clothing, backpack,etc. is washed in scent free detergent and dried with scent free dryer towels. The everything is hung on the line through preferrably 2 good rain showers, after everything dries i place everything in a big tupperware container with dirt and strong smelling leaves and branches from the area I hunt. My clothes have been stored this way for 2 weeks now and will remain that way till hunting season occassionally replacing the old dried out leaves and branches with fresh ones. And then I only hunt the stands that the wind is right for.
I do about the same. I take all my gear and put it in a bag and shove it basically in the woods. for a while. I havent used and scent wash or anything and i usually get 10-15 yds of the deer. it actually works i had 10 deer come in at the same time, mostly does and buttons but it works
Don't you just hate when you have the "itch"? It feels you need to be within 20 yards of a deer with your bow drawn.

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Wind in face! I've never had a deer scent me while hunting the wind. They will pick you off on swirling or no wind days.
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hey halfbaked420 i thought for sure you'd replly to this where are you?
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I like to stick my clothes in a bag with a bunch of pine needles. I also try to get my boots and the bottom cuffs of my pants covered in either mud from nearby, or where i usually hunt is on a small cattle farm. My spot aint very far from the pasture, a little cow dung goes a long way to cover your scent. also for those long days in the woods, i pack a spitter for the remains of my levi garrett. When I used to dip I would switch it back to the bag tobacco while in the woods, it dont have that odor to it, plus deer love chewing tobacco anyway. also heard a few old timers talkin about pepper spray, not mase but I guess just a mild pepper spray. they said the deer were not bothered by it and it masks odor fairly well. I think alot of those new odor sprays help but the cost adds up when your in the woods alot and if you really use as much as the bottle tells you.
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