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Your day in the woods

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Originally Posted by doetrain View Post

I do... pray prayers of thanksgiving for the Creators handy work because it is a feast for the soul for me personally.
I pray often too... for so many things. The whole experience out there in the woods is a Blessing for me. I don't have to kill anything.

"I was taught to always keep my eyes and ears open in the woods."

"...but if you have to bring music or a book to pass the time, are you really enjoying it."

I think most people know to keep their eyes and ears open when they are hunting. I also think if someone wants to bring a book, iPod, iPhone, whatever, out to the field when they are hunting, then surely they must be "enjoying it". Why? Because they made the decision to do it.

One man's hunt isn't necessarily a similar experience or desire for another. Each spend their own time in the woods as they please. My nephew use to bring his music headphones in the woods while he hunted deer. It killed me! Looking back, he chose to hunt that way and that's his choice, not mine. He was happy. He's also never killed a deer doing that either. LOL!

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Default Perfection, perfection, where is it found

There is no perfection in life or in people just because they call themselves a -hunter.

Some are better; some are more prepared; some get in shape; some spend time at scouting; some will scout new areas; some will get good at target shooting; some can sit, as motionless as they can, on a stand; some will change hunting areas; some can gauge the population of the deer in the area; some will hunt solo when they have no choice or no one will come.

As a hunter you do your best. After awhile, some just go by the wayside. Life changes during the life of a hunter. Some make a long trek; some in a couple of decades; some in a few short years.
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iSnipe and valetine, thank you for those wise words, valetine, i especailly liked what you said, where we all do diffedrent things to be successful
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I don't bring reading material anymore
but sometimes a quick nap just can't be avoided.

Hey, naps are GOOD!
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Hunting by definition:is the practice of pursuing living animals for food, recreation, or trade.

One thing is for sure; if you fall to sleep, you’re not hunting during that time.

IMO if you end up shooting something while reading a book; you got lucky !

Hunting for me is my time to reconnect to the universe.

For me………………..“the real world !”
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I just watch and listen to what Mother Nature has to show me.
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I sleep and listen to my cd player.
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Good post, once upon a time, when Podunk was a little fellow, an uncle put me on a stand over a feeder that the pigs were hitting constantly. At daylight I dozed off, woke up but didnt think Id napped but a minute, no corn on the ground. Sat another hour still no corn, got down and met uncle Wade. Told him the feeder didnt throw, he came back and tested it, sure enough it threw. Later upon examination of trtail cam pics I had slept right through 4 hogs eating all the corn.
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I have always been dumbfounded by the idea of a radio or cd player. Why are we in the woods in the first place? No better place to contemplate liife and the good things. I never worry about dozing off. It means I am still and relaxed.
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I try to watch the woods and closely scrutinize the cover for any sign of a deer. I do tend to nod off at times, though not because I want to. Prayers occasionally, though more when stillhunting. It helps me to slow down if I take a step, say a prayer and watch, then take a step.
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