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What Fuels Your Energy For Hunting?

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What Fuels Your Energy For Hunting?

Old 07-30-2010, 10:41 AM
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For me, I don't need a lot to eat while hunting, even if I'm hiking in the mountains. Ironically, the more sedentary I am, the hungrier I get. I do need a lot of water though. I usually carry a half-gallon with me on a hunt (2 one-quart military canteens), though I wish I could carry more. I need a Katadyn water filter! That and about two or three Clif bars or trail mix.

You would be surprised at what your body would tell you if you were able to listen to it. You know how your ears ring for a LONG time after attending a concert (or a shooting session with no hearing protection, LOL)? Afterward, you are not able to hear the more subtler sounds around you, no matter how hard you try. Well, the way most of us eat is like shooting a gun 24/7 with no hearing protection.

Fasting is an EXCELLENT way to clean out your system. Think about it...when animals are wounded or are sick, they typically eat very little. The body is able to heal better that way (which is why it's a good idea not to eat a certain amount of time before going to bed...your body needs that time to heal). When I fast, either with just water, with juice or by only eating raw fruits and veggies, in the beginning, I feel pretty rotten. That's all the JUNK stuck in my fat cells, etc, being dumped into my bloodstream. After a few days (depending on method), I start to feel better (but pretty hungry!).

After I am done detoxing, I slowly start introducing certain things back into my body. And when I eat something that isn't good for me (isn't NATURAL), I start to feel like CRAP. Things containing white flour or white sugar, etc. That's my body telling me, HEY, THIS **** ISN'T GOOD FOR YOU! If I keep eating that stuff, my body gets used to it, my overall feeling of well-being slowly diminishes, and I get used to the crap and can no longer "hear" my body telling me what I need to hear.
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Old 07-30-2010, 10:52 AM
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I usualy take 3 20oz bottles of water and a bag of trail mix with me when i hunt .

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Old 07-30-2010, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Dan480Man
You are hard core! LOL.
I am a nervous eater I guess
The few times I went in the woods like that, I ended up breaking down, or getting stuck, and nearly eating my boots and drinking stump water
Anymore I always have a plan B.
At least an emergency 2Liter coke bottle full of water (Use it for hand washing, but drink it too), and an emergency tube of Ritz crackers in the glovebox(learned that trick when the kid was little).
It aint much, but It'll do!
Gotta confess.Sometimes,the better the bagged lunch,the harder it is to think about hunting.Sometimes I say the heck w/it and eat the stuff just to get it out of the way.It's just easier to not have to think about.I need to get a good fanny pack.My mentality is that I like to carry only that which is essential but minimal.Multiple day hunts are a totally different game.
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