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Paying for a hunt

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You guys have got to read an article on deerfear.com ref this exact subject. I have made it my life's ambition to make sure this dude is heard.
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Originally Posted by spudrow View Post
Thanks for the answers. I was just wondering. I hunt Texas for hogs, Colorado for elk, Wyoming for Antelope & Mulies, Arkansas for deer and Turkey, Nebraska for deer, Il for deer, and of course everything here in Missouri. I have never used an outfitter or guide. I always do it myself and have only been skunked twice, on the 2 elk hunts. I'm not a trophy hunter but have killed some very nice animals. Scoping out the spots only takes a day or less. Maybe I'm just lucky.

Spudrow from Mo
Luck always has a part of it. You hunt public ground I assume? Where in NE?
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Because sometimes local knowledge is key to a successful hunt.
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Paying for hunts has its advantages. In 2007, I paid an outfitter for a self-guided Mule deer hunt in Colorado. I stayed in his cabin. He assisted me with the purchase of a landowner voucher and provided topo / BLM maps and showed me several spots to hunt the day before the season opened. Some of the land was private, but most public BLM. My first trip out West and shot a Mulie buck. I also saw at least a hundred Antelope and about 40 elk.

After hunting the area for a week, I now know where to hunt Mulie Deer, Antelope, and Elk and can do it all DIY. I went back last year for Elk, and plan to go in 2011 for Antelope. Using the outfitter the first time, taught me a great deal. If I was going to another state, I would use an outfitter the first time. But I love hunting CO!
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I have been a hunting guide and managed one of our various camps for the last 10 years. I have seen folks from all walks of life come to hunt with us. The fellow who mowed lawns for a year to afford the hunt, and harvested a 173 at 5 yds in Ill. To doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc., and even other outfitters, have come to hunt with us.

There are many reasons why folks pay to come on a hunt. Anything from lack of good hunting ground, to deer that are smaller than what they would like to harvest, where they do have access. We have many handicapped folks come to hunt that we will literally carry to a stand, ladder, or blind by 4x4 or buggy. Sometimes even carrying them to the chair in the blind so they can hunt.The hunters do not have to scout, plant food plots, or put out salt licks, as we have been doing this all summer for them. They do not have to drag their deer, or field dress, or cape their deer. If by some chance they are not seeing deer from their stand we will look at what is going on for the hunters who are seeing deer and get them placed where their odds of seeing more deer is increased. Hence, a better opportunity to harvest a good buck. While hunters are in the stand, Guides are scouting other properties to see what activity is going on. Hunters are transported to the property by their guide, unless they elect to drive their own vehicle. In which case the guide will lead the there and walk them to their stand and come back to pick them up at the pre-arranged time.

I could go on and on. Basically it's like going on a vacation and staying at a nice motel. When you call room service for food, more towels, etc. You wouldn't expect to have to go cook the food you want, or wash the laundry so you can have a clean towel, or have to go get it. You pay for the service of having these things done for you. And a good guide will cater to the clients he is guiding. having the essentials, that the hunter may have forgotten or run out of, such as handwarmers, drinks in a cooler, some sort of snack in his truck, Cover scent spray, etc.

Sheesh, I am going on and on, lol but I think maybe you catch my drift. Any questions you may have feel free to ask.
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Originally Posted by DeerandbearhoG View Post
Is it really that hard to understand, that some people want to hunt different states, and different game i just came back from a hog hunt in texas, why? No hogs (or very few) in NY. No antelope, elk, mule deer, grizzly bears, etc., either. If I wanna hunt that stuff gotta go where they live, and pay for the pleasure. Sure there is public land (in most states) but who has the time to scout thousands of acres in states and terrain they dont live in I would go DIY when possible, but sometimes its just not practical. what I dont understand is why someone would pay to go somewhere and lay on a beach but to each his own.
You hit the nail on the head!
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Ive hunted in Canada 5 times and as non-resident you have to use an outfitter to hunt there its the law ...also there are those who do not have the time to scout properly, or the property to hunt so I have no problem using an outfitter if he is ethical ...

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For serious sportsmen who seek to access the best trophy producing areas for the species they desire, it's often manadatory that you pay the servies of an Outfitter that has access to this prime ground.

Most folks I know do NOT travel half way across the country to meat hunt, they want monsters..... be it Whitetail, Mule deer, Elk, Sheep, you name it.

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for what im into hunting for, i just cant see me paying to hunt..i am just happy killing does and bucks on public land not in it for a competition of mines bigger than yours..could care less what someone else kills, good job on your kill..

i see nothing wrong with people paying to hunt as long as it dont start knocking me out of hunting my way..on public land for free..i could give up hunting if it cost me to pay an outfitter just to hunt ...
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i for one would use a outfitter because of my health..the already have everything set up
and they do all the scouting and such...like someone already said you cant expect to
spend a bundle and go somewhere to see nothing..
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