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which to buy?

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Thanks. For a bow, I was looking at a couple. The Martin Cheetah or Bengal and the Parker Wildfire Extreme.

For the camera I was thinking the new 2010 Bushnell Trophy Cam.
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Hell, buy the camera now so you can get some use out of it this spring/summer scouting. Then save up a few months and go get the bow. If you are not going to have the money for a bow a couple months before opening day, I would get the bow now so you have time to practice.
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I was in your shoes about a month ago. I'm 20 and have never bow hunted. I started looking and found myself a Mathews Drenalin. I was instantly hooked. I've just been able to shoot seeing as how season isn't in, and I already can't put the thing down. You'll love it bud. Do yourself the favor and go out and buy you a bow. set up cost is a little expensive, depending on what you buy. But you can shoot and shoot and shoot, and not spend a dollar. And you'll love it!!
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If you decide on a trailcam You can buy a Wildview Xtreme 5 or a Moultrie D-40 for under $70.00 each when they go on sale and in my opinion they are the best cams for the money!! ( I own 7 of them and love them) I also own numerous more expensive cams, Cuddy, ScoutGuard, higher end Moultrie's and will never spend more than $70.00 on a cam again. Pike
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If you want to learn HOW to hunt, buy a bow. If you have access to some dedicated bowhunters, you can learn a lot, make some good friends and have a lot of fun. And there is a lot more to do than hunting in the archery world. get the bow.
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Definitely the bow. You can't hunt with a trail camera.

In your journey to become a proficient bowhunter, you'll learn way more than you will from photographs. Learn to read sign and you'll never need a camera. There is a ton of free information on doing that on my website - the URL is in my signature.
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get the bow... you will have a new addiction!!!!
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Originally Posted by david33
I've been deer hunting for about 15yrs or so. I'm 26 now and I've always gun hunted. I've got two things that I would like to buy, but I don't know if I will be able to afford both. I've been thinking about buying my first bow and the other is a scouting camera.

I've never used either and the place we hunt at is just a few family members and none of us bow hunt so I will hunt by myself. I think I mainly would hunt mornings and not evenings if I bow hunted. Is a scouting camera something that is a good tool/source to have? Which would you buy if you were me. Thanks
It depends if your hungry or just want to see whats there. Not to be a smart a$$, You need a bow to take a deer but you need a camera to see whats there. The camera would also help you with your gun hunting. So you need to see what is more important. It's great to see you are interested in bow hunting though! Good hunting!!!
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Buy them both.....buy a good used Bow for a lot less money and get a decent trail camera that will help you in seeing when and where the Deer travel on your hunting ground.You can try out Bow Hunting and if you stay with it buy a newer more expensive brand new Bow!
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If you really enjoy hunting, buy the bow. It will give you through to the fall to get practiced up with it at the range and with field shooting. Obviously to be truly proficient takes alot more time than a sight in session with a gun. Cameras are a neat accessory, but it doesnt replace smart scouting.
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