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Originally Posted by country_guy9734 View Post
ok jimmy lets use a little common sence on this one. so u think if you cant be 100% just forget about it all? seriously?
i'm with that... I wonder what deer told the makers of that stuff what they could smell and what they couldn't?

You're talking aobout an animal with senses that are 1000 times better than ours, and a 9$ bottle of crap is going to fool him?

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Originally Posted by country_guy9734 View Post
ok jimmy lets use a little common sence on this one. so u think if you cant be 100% just forget about it all? seriously?
I simply stated that I never use commercial products. I wash my clothes in baking soda and store my hunting gear in rubber-maid containers. I honestly believe if a deer is going to smell me, spraying down before hitting the woods won't be an advantage.

I hunt with family and friends and some of these guys would never think of entering the deer woods without spraying down. These guys are great hunters that I highly respect. When they ask do I want to use the spray bottle, I always politely decline. If they think it helps, I say good for them. It's just not my cup of tea.
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I use scentlock suits as well as body wash. Before heading into the woods Ill use a little earth scent spray. But nothing is 100% and you should always play the wind to your favor.
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I use scent a way body wash and field spray, I wash my clothes in baking soda.
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all scent cover products are hog wash
no matter what you do you can never eliminate your scent NEVER
WELL you could sit in an air tight bubble
besides that no nope never ever
i hunt with an outfit of 20 plus hunters we take up to 50 deer/year
many pope and youngs nice bucks
not one of us use any artifical scents
Wind direction is the golden ticket period
of you want to waste money mail it to me
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Originally Posted by kevin1 View Post
I'll disagree only that in reducing your scent signature you'll at least cause the deer to underestimate your distance from him. They'll always view human scent as predatory, but they're less likely to bolt if they think the threat is at a manageable distance. Since I started using an ozone generator I've noticed that deer don't spook nearly as much when downwind of me than they used to, and there's no way you can hide all of your scent as you point out. Recently a young buck was about 15 yards downwind of my ground blind. He didn't alarm, just stamped and snorted a bit, then calmly walked away. I fully expected him to begin blowing and bolt, but he didn't. I had bathed in HS bodywash that morning, and was bundled up to my eyeballs in clothing including a cloth facemask that was thoroughly ozonated the night before, and other than spritzing with Deer Dander before going out I took no other precautions. I even drank a thermos of coffee as I sat there. This same buck had already crossed the sinkhole in front of my blind earlier, again downwind, and had showed no sign that it even noticed my prescence. If these had been the only positive encounters I've had since I began using that generator I would just chalk them up to annecdotal accidents or a stupid deer, but I've had the same experience multiple times with deer of both sexes. Since human scent permeates the property I know they're aware of a human prescence, but I'm convinced that it's their perception of the strength of the odor that alarms or calms them. An odor might get their attention, but if they think the odor is old, or weak enough to indicate distance, then they seem to ignore it
I tend to agree with you. I hunt in a giant lease and there is always humans scent around due to hunters, loggers, timber cruisers, etc. As long as they think the scent isn't fairly fresh, they might stomp and snort at it but they won't spook.

I don't use anything but rubber boots for scent control during bow season and I hunt where I want to, so I don't pay attention to the wind much either.
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I try to play the wind when I can, but if I'm stand hunting, it's a lot more difficult to not possibly cross trails that deer may travel prior to my stand. That's where I believe that scent control plays a very big role. I hunt very thick cover and sometimes I almost have to walk across a possible trail. Rubber boots certainly help!
I'm with others that believe that less scent can lower their alert level. I pay close attention to scrubbing as well in the shower to help remove the shedding dead skin cells, which seems to be a primary scent that puts deer on alert. Foreign smells vs. human scent seem to spark different reactions. In addition to cover sprays, I also rinse out the detergent holder on my washer (front loader) then run a spin cycle of just water to help flush it and then wash with baking soda. Outerwear gets washed once in a blue moon, but wash inners often. Just my 2 scents.

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