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Cammo or No Cammo?

Old 12-09-2009, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Horacio
I wear pink camo underwear.
Woah! I'm going to file that under "Too much information!"


Originally Posted by halfbakedi420
i think the solid color of the bibs makes a bigger outline...
This is true if the bibs were out in the wide open.

First of all, deer are mostly one solid color. Their color is similar to tan Carhartts. But what makes them hard to see, is when their coat color is mixed with the woods. The brush and branches around them are the things that breaks up the outline of the solid color of the hide. So when a hunter has solid tan Carhartts, it's the patterns of the brush and limbs around and in front of him that break up the outline and solid color. It's not such a bad idea. Personally I'd feel more comfortable wearing camo instead of something that looks like a deer. LOL!


The best thing about camo are their ability to help a hunter blend into his/her surroundings. The color and patterns helps to conceal movement too. I've been busted a time or two when moving. The deer spot the movement, look into my direction, but when I do my statue impression, after a while, they look away.

I use to be a BIG TIME fanatical bowhunter back in the day. I had 19 different camo outfits. After a while I only started to wear only 4 of them. My favorites are:

* ASAT (3-D Leaf)
* Predator (when they copied ASAT)
* Natural Gear (NatGear) (& with pine)
* Snow Natural Gear

I have another I'm dying to get. Since deer hunting for this year is done, I'll have to try it out on varmints when I call them in. I'm going to try out ASAT's new SNOW 3-D Leaf!

One of the best things you can do in the woods when hunting deer... are to move very slow and very little.

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you didnt waste your money because if deer see a tan carharrt jacket then it doesnt look right to them all it is is a big blob and can be spotted easly and your movement is spotted easier with camo you are more concealed and your movement is spotted as easly and you blend in.
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I think camo has its advantages. I wear grey wool filson or johnson wool overalls and grey wool or camo wool coat when it gets cold, whether bow hunting or gun hunting. 18 feet up in a tree my woolies blend right in with the tree I am in.

I do like natural gear camo also when I am bowhunting early season. I have video taped bucks fighting directly under my stand in bow season.

Carharts are okay but I find them kind of noisy, almost cordouroy noisy, especially in cold weather. I guess if you are stand hunting a field or open wood lot the noise isn't going to make a difference though.

The important thing is you use whatever gives you confidence and the ability to withstand the weather conditions you are hunting in. You'll stay out there longer and see/shoot more game.
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The orange is your call, unless your laws specify something different. Missouri law specifically says that camo orange patterns do not meet Missouri's orange requirement, so camo orange is illegal here. I see people wearing it all the time though and every year someone is bitching cause they got fined $500. for not wearing orange when they were covered head to toe with camo orange, and it's not right cause they bought it at Wal -Mart, and Wal-Mart shouldn't sell it in Missouri if it isn't legal and on and on. Just make sure it's ok in your state and any state you may travel to. Most people overlook some of these things in the excitement to go hunting. Don't know how many people travel with friends for 14 hrs to hunt another state and don't take time to read the law on the way, or a few weeks early before their trip is ruined by something they're not prepared for.
As far as wearing tan, I knew a kid who got shot in the chest with a 30-30 wearing Carhart coveralls and no orange, just a year or two after the orange law came into effect. I have worn them for years also but never forget my solid orange vest and separate hat. And I haven't been shot, so it's working so far.
I have just begun to wear camo outer clothes and my vest and hat the past few years and think that works better for me. I like to stalk and the less they can see the better. The camo helps hide some of my arm and leg movement anyway and helps everything but the orange blend in better. I'd really like to find solid orange 3D camo vests to wear over my turkey hunting camo.
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Wow! Thanks for all the input on my Camo,not Cammo question everyone. I'll admit I'm a really bad Spellar and often stragle with how ta phraze a questyun if ya know whatt I meen.
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Deerchump, I'm hunting with a Bow on the ground in a Natural Blind or Timber piles with brush mixed in. The area I'm in is being developed for houses but a large portion is still wooded and full of thickets. It butts up to a large forest area a mile or so away which is well known for a good Deer population. My best friend brought up the Camo issue because he is of the opinion that it is never really needed no matter how you hunt. But I took my first Deer in my first season from 14 yards away on the ground with my Bow and this is after 7 Deer walked within 12 to 14 yards away and it seemed that they never saw me unless I moved. I moved to draw back on a Buck and he fled after being not more than 12 yards out for several minutes. So I am convinced that my camo worked very well that morning.
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Default A Lot of money spent by the Country Club Hunters

And its hard to reason with anyone, who has only hunted with camo clothing. How would they know otherwise.

I can remember when camo wasn't the in thing to do hunting. Of course, there were fewer archers. Deer don't see colors good at distance. Better at seeing movement.

Years ago I was concerned about the change over from muted red and black to bright blaze orange. I was until a deer, a doe, was trying to figure out what I was. A motionless orange blob, right out in the snow and in the open.

A few weeks ago on a rehab walk, I saw movement and came to a quick complete stop. The deer, one then two, started looking at me. What a strange duck I was to figure out, at some twenty yards. I was outfitted in a bright red vest, with a very large bright yellow lanyard, holding my cell phone, and hanging from my neck.

What is that big unmoving and quiet blob? He certainly isn't wearing the latest in camo fashion.
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I wear my ASAT suit no matter what. I want to be a ghost in the woods. I don't want them to see me, hear me, smell me, or even feel like I was ever there. I have a closet full of gear that I wear under my suit and most of it is in mossy oak but thats just because thats the pattern it came in I bought all of that for comfort (for example I have a pair of browning coveralls I wear when it's below 35* but I put my ASAT suit on over them when I leave for the woods) whatever I wear to keep warm or cool goes under my ASAT. I'm also picky as hell about uv killer. I drown my clothing in it then inspect it with a black light regularly after washing to make sure regular detergent wasent left behind a previous wash and put some brightners on my gear. Let me be clear though in Georgia no orange is required during bow season. However, when muzzle loader / rifle season starts I have to by rule wear 500 square inches of blaze so I wear a blaze vest. But the rest of my body is covered in ASAT. I figure being safe is better than being shot and the most movement will be my arms and legs so with them camoed they wont be as noticeable when drawing back my bow. Sounds silly I know and perhaps I'm just too pickey but it seems to work for me.

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I think it is obvious that deer can be killed in Carharts, I have done it myself. But there is no way to judge how many times you have been spotted (with or without camo) and never knew it. Another thing to take into account is comfort. I would rather be in Carharts and be able to stay in stand all day then to have some camo and freeze to death in an hour. If the warmth is the same I don't think anyone will say that camo is less effective then Carharts.
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I see multiple posts saying they wear camo to conceal their movement, but I don't understand that. How does camo conceal movement?

Camo, by design, is made to make you look like trees, bushes, leaves, etc. When the camo moves, the deer would still see the movement, wouldn't it? If the tree you are in is not moving, but your camo is, the deer would still notice movement I would think.

Am I missing something here? I don't see how camo conceals movement any better than other clothing.
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