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Originally Posted by cynikalHC
Is that just a little water in that bucket? Or some kind of bait station? Also, what is that circle around the deer/bucket? Some kind of attractant?
The bucket is just straight hog corn. I don't know why I've always put it in the bucket, but I just always have. It tends to keep better than on the ground. I just drilled half a dozen holes in the bucket to let it drain and it keeps fine.

The circle is a 50lb bag of 12% sweet feed. Everything eats that. I've even got pictures of two grey fox eating the sweet feed. When it rains the sweet feed disloves and is pretty much worthless, but the corn and the oats that are in it stays on the top of the ground. It just helps for when the corn bucket goes dry, and I don't catch it in time, they keep coming to the sweet feed till I can get the corn back.

I go through 50 pounds of corn in 2 "4/8" days. I go through 50 pounds of sweet feed a week.

You guys can buy all this expensive "deer" stuff if you want. But my cheap stuff keeps my deer lot looking like a whitetail whore house on Friday night.

I've used Acorn Rage and Ruttin Apples both down there. They completely went to waste and cost twice what my weekly feed bill runs.

Occasionally I'll cut up a 10 pound bag of apples and throw out near my buckt. They never last the night.
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Originally Posted by halfbakedi420
i dunno bout the deer but that coon is bout 18"
You can come down here and kill that S.O.B. too. I've actually got two of them. They keep turning my bucket over. I had to turn it back up today. I've also got pics of a opossum, coyotes, and all the crows you can eat. I think that's why I go through so much corn. But I still get lots of deer too. I check my camera every other night. I run right at 150 shots a night. I have to delete about 25 out of every run that are pictures that are of nothing. My Moultree camera has a sleep mode. When something walks in front of it there is a 60 second "wake up" then it starts shooting pics. So I get a lot of pics of where something used to be.

I need the coyotes killed off too. I have a female that's got the mange, and then a big male I think. I get the male about 3 times a week. I've got nice little shots of the female p*ssing next to my bucket. Hell lets just have a big ole varmint/preditor hunt down here in southern OK. I'll bring the beer.
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lol 4/8ths
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Sorry bro, you can't score em until you put em down!
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