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Another way to ruin hunting

Old 09-12-2010, 06:18 PM
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I agree, I am not a young hunter, But I am a new hunter learning this craft so when My kids get older I can teach them and be able to have them father and kids day out, plus I love the meat, I have had tons of question, some people were helpful, and some people made me just feel stupid, Yes at hunting I am stupid in some ways, because some things I didnt know but like any smart guy would do, I asked for help. Im a adult so I could care less about *******s, But for any young kid, they may take it to heart..
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Originally Posted by srwshooter
wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one needs to be pressed to "raise the bar" . each hunter has the right to kill what ever size deer he or she chooses to. they pay for that right.

be a trophy hunter if you wish,but don't try to force other hunters to be. you been watching to much tv
I agree totally some people hunt for the trophy and some people hunt to enjoy nature, while other hunt because they like the taste of the meat i am one of those i could care less what size rack the animal has or how old the doe is i know the younger the more tender the meat but truthfully as long as i get something to snack on though out the year i really do not care what i get as long as i get something.
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BRAVO! I wish you the best of luck. I have always felt the same way. Only I'm going to try to let all the young bucks walk this year and only take 8's or bigger. I'll take the does and little ones for the freezer and try to let the spikes, forks, and sixes grow up. I tried it last year and shot a 7 point. I just have to be more disciplined. I've always wondered though, if I didn't shoot all those does and waited to see if a big buck was behind one of them what my buck score would be like. Oh well, you can't eat the antlers.
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Only I'm going to try to let all the young bucks walk this year and only take 8's or bigger.
Points don't tell age - an 8 pt can very well be a young deer.
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That's true. But if it has 8 points I'm shooting it no matter how old it is!
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I am 29 yrs old and i have been hunting since i was 13 i have taken about 10 deer in the 16 yrs i have been hunting. i have shot wall hangers ,spikes does and buttons and all because i had the chance.i hunt public land that has alot of pepole that hunt there so i might only see 3 to 4 deer a yr so i have to take what i can get. i have learned where the bigger ones are but does not mean i will see them.so i will take what i can get and i am sure there are alot more hunters out there who have the same problem as me
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I wholeheartedly agree with helping foster sound hunting practices through positive reinforcement.
I would also suggest that it's not only the young'uns that deserve that benefit, but also those of us whom have chosen to pick up the hunt fever later in life.
For myself, I took my first deer 3 years ago - a button buck that I shot with a rifle at 30 yards.
Lesson learned? Yep. Too much rifle for eastern Whitetail hunting (300WSM), but perfect for Elk and larger game out west (where I was when I bought the rifle).
I'm always looking for others to hunt with, to share what I know and hopefully pick up more tips and tricks they know to help me be a better and more well rounded hunter.
Which, in turn, will allow me to pass it on to others in turn.
Better to learn from people than from TV and books, though quality information can be had from all.
My next venture will be goose/duck hunting, once I can find someone who would be willing to let me join their group.
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Good post!!!
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I posted this before last deer season. I never thought it would stay up this long. Thanks for all the compliments and comments everyone. Good hunting to you...
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Originally Posted by pooly_31
This is spot on. our hunting party would be a bit larger today if not for a couple a$$hats that could never keep their mouths shut around the young kids. now some of those people don't hunt at all because it was never enjoyable as kids...
Ditto. I grew up in the sticks, and am more than willing to help out a young one that has limited experience. Criticism makes for hard feelings, and doesn't help the situation at all.If there is no one to tutor a new hunter, the only way that they can learn is by trial and error. Lots of people are real quick to point a finger, but, how many skeltons are in their closets.
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