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Another way to ruin hunting

Old 10-29-2009, 06:29 AM
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Default Another way to ruin hunting

Harshly criticizing young hunters in forum posts is a good way to do it. We all need to be aware that the person we're criticizing in a post may be a young hunter who makes the biggest mistakes because they are still learning. We don't want to discourage a young person from hunting, because it weakens us as a whole.

I can point out two posting mistakes we've made in particular:

1. Hammering a beginner who took a small buttons buck as a first deer.

True, it might have kept a deer from developing into a trophy rack, but a first deer is absolutely a trophy. Congratulate the kid for doing what's necessary to be a successful hunter and then raise the bar for the next season--e.g. it has to have a visible rack--or challenge him to distinguish a buttons buck from a doe.

2. Hammering a young hunter who botched a search for a wounded deer. Don't criticize, but instead gently correct and teach so they learn to do it right the next time.

I can remember that they never told us how to do this in hunter safety--only that you should wait for a deer to lie down and then search. It never said anything about grid searches or how long to search. They may need our help and encouragement to realize how to do it.

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I can't agree with you more. This fall I was helping my younger cousin hunt over in WA, he shot a small doe, aka fawn. My cousin and grandpa were giving him a little grief about it, but I made sure to emphasize how proud I was of him. It is attitudes like that that will make them want to keep doing it.
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Good post Father Forkhorn! I agree completely with this topic.
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Righttt There!!!!!!!! 10 Kudos!!
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Even if they aren't young, criticizing still doesn't help. If they made the mistake they likely don't know any better. People jump into the world of hunting at all ages. Its the lucky ones that get to start when they are still young.

The hunting community is criticized enough as it is. We don't need to attack our own.
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This is spot on. our hunting party would be a bit larger today if not for a couple a$$hats that could never keep their mouths shut around the young kids. now some of those people don't hunt at all because it was never enjoyable as kids...
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Ditto. I grew up in the sticks, and am more than willing to help out a young one that has limited experience. Criticism makes for hard feelings, and doesn't help the situation at all.If there is no one to tutor a new hunter, the only way that they can learn is by trial and error. Lots of people are real quick to point a finger, but, how many skeltons are in their closets.
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I completely agree with you, the same topic was just addressed at the NAHC forum as well. Criticizing doesn't help anyone.
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I agree....good post
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wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one needs to be pressed to "raise the bar" . each hunter has the right to kill what ever size deer he or she chooses to. they pay for that right.

be a trophy hunter if you wish,but don't try to force other hunters to be. you been watching to much tv
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