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Hunter Harassment

Old 10-08-2009, 04:15 AM
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on saturday i hunted a piece of property and right about the time the deer started to move the guy next to this property drove his truck down as close as he could get to my stand and blew the horn atleast 100 times. he then came up in the woods near my stand and made all kinds of banging noises to run the deer away. i guess he had watched me go into my stand and decided to stop me from killing his deer. its a good thing i was bow hunting,cause i'da scared him to death if i had a rifle. i got down and drove right up his driveway and ask him if he had a problem with me hunting ,he said he wasn't trying to mess me up but had no real reason for doing what he did. i called him a a-hole and left. turns out the guy was shot in the leg by a fellow hunter about 20yrs ago while turkey hunting and now he hates all hunting. all because of HIS friends stupity.
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Originally Posted by Stoningtonwhitetail
They have no garden and the sounds were emminating from the state land. My friend had told me that the neighbor even told her that he doesnt like people hunting the state land behind their property and will do what he needs to do to deter it. I have emailed a friend of mine who is a CO and am awaiting his response. Honestly, I dont want confrontation, just my right to be able to hunt on a given piece of land with the actual chance of seeing a deer. Maybe if I get one though, I will leave the testicles in his driveway!! couldnt prove it was me!
Actually the DNR isn't a stranger to DNA testing. Ain't saying that they would - but they could.

So, what's the difference between deer nuts and beer nuts?
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beer nuts are a buck fifty and deer nuts are under a buck...lol
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UPDATE - I spoke with a Local CO and he indicated that he couldnt do anything unless he witnessed it. However, he told me to go back out there and see if it happened again. I went last sunday and no calls were heard (I dont think they were home), but I still had some jackass hunters walk by my tree at 5:35 so I will not be going there this weekend.

Anyways, I gave the CO the neighbor's information and he said he was going to do some digging around to see if there was ever any other complaints about them. If anything else developes I will repost.
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