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Need advice on my .270 win

Old 09-26-2009, 08:28 AM
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1.5-2.0 then just put the crosshairs on him.
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If you used Remington's 130gr. pointed soft point Corelokts and zeroed at 150 yards, that would be a good trade off. You would be about dead on at 50 yards and 9 1/2" low at 300 yards. You'll be about 2" low at 200 and 5" low at 250.

Now if you study up on MPBR, ie, maximum point blank range, that'll show you how to sight in your rifle so that you don't need to do any real figuring once you see your deer. Your .270 is ideal for this since it's a more flatter shooting caliber, especially using a lighter 130gr. bullet. This means you have a longer overall range where your bullet's path will be only a short distance high and low from the line of sight. You sight in for your maximum range where your bullet will never be too far off from target center. It's a good way sight in if you like because then you can just aim and shoot. You will only be a few inches high or low from center depending on high close or far your target is.

Hope I didn't confuse you. LOL! Take care and good luck out there. Nice caliber by the way.


Originally Posted by vabyrd View Post
Just zero it at 100yds. You can sit there and play the numbers game all day long. Most deer are shot at less than 100 anyway. Why go through the trouble? Know your ballistics.
I here yah there brother. It actually sounds much more complicated than what it is. I too like to sight in at 100 yards, then go the range and know how low my shots are landing at certain yardages.(200, 250, 300) I can make a dope chart, but since my main gun is for 300 yards, I can do the 100 yarder. I just aim higher accordingly. (granted I'd rather just dial, range, wind and click. LOL!)

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Old 09-27-2009, 06:56 AM
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I agree with driftrider on the sigh-in height but the magnification of your scope is a personaly preference, i typically have my 3-9 set on 5x even when hunting the big woods here in Saskatchewan. Its a good balance if you are used to it, i have been hunting with this power setting for the better part of a decade is its what i know.

Go with what your comfortable with, snap the rifle to your shoulder and see how fast you can acquire your target and dry-fire as cleanly as possible, try this at various distances, targets and at varying power settings. See what works for you and go from there!

Good Luck!
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BINGO on what driftrider said but please don't take his or published numbers as gospel they are starting points. Once your sighted in SHOOT your load to the ranges you need/expect and verify what is happening. I see lots who just sight in at 100 yards and assume...not a very good assumption to make. Plus it teachs you to evaluate wind drift and make compensations if need be here as well.

Good Luck
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Originally Posted by skeeter 7MM View Post
Once your sighted in SHOOT your load to the ranges you need/expect and verify what is happening.
I totally agree with that, because that's what I do to make sure I know what my impact points are at other distances than just a 100. Know your rifle's performance to obtain the best accuracy and to develop confidence. There's nothing like having confidence when you are in the deer woods. It really helps to have that feeling you can hit whatever you are aiming at and doing your work at the range will establish that.

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My prefference would be 2 high at 100yds. Everything deer size or even coyotes that are closer will still be killed with dead on shots and deer beyond 200 can be taken by raising your point of aim to the spine. It will drop in somewhere in the huge kill zone a whitetail has. And as someone else said keep your scope dialed to the lowest setting.
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On a .270 WIN with 150 gr bullets, what type of drops could you expect? I have mine sighted in 1.5" high at 100.
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