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Bucks of Tecomate El Cazador Ranch

Old 01-05-2010, 12:54 PM
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blah,blah,blah.......blah,blah...blah,......blah,b lah,blah'BLAH,BLAH! he thinks this,he thinks thatyou shouldn't care so much as long as it's legal...you're all right and you're all wrong-including mei'm so confused right now it ain't even funny because my head hurts. so all i can do&say now is. thankyou!!!!!!!!
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Old 01-05-2010, 03:01 PM
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I hear you guys down in Texas have to pay some serious money to hunt these days??
not sure if thats the case or not.
I believe this post has some merit to it. I watch the TV shows, and its fun to see these animals, but its not reality for 95% of the hunting community.
What I think is really interesting is the differnce in hunting styles from west to east coast.
I believe the Eastmans have a good thing going with promoting fair chase hunting.
In regards to High Fence hunting, thats pretty much crap.. Anyone that does that just seems to be in it for the rack only, and not the chase. Do I want a 200 class Mule deer with a 40 inch wide rack, sure! Can I afford to pay for these hunts that provide these opportunites? Yes. Well I can pay for it, but affording a $7,000 deer hunt, or a $15,000, is really very subjective considering I have 3 kids that need college paid for one day.
Anyway, I hope I chase that big buck till I am old and wise. i.e. its the chase that makes me just really love hunting. Its taking the skills of my dad, and grampa, and brothers, to the animals. Its getting away from Liberal City Folk, that is really nice. Getting back to our Ancestors, and what they did just to provide for the family that is fun. For them it was not really fun. I am only guessing though.
Hunting TV shows Are really like watching sports on TV. Everyone thinks there a PRO..
But, when the rubber meets the road, things seem to change.
If you really want to get that Rack great! Go draw a tag and find that old boy. Now that's doing it! Feeding animals is lame..
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Old 01-05-2010, 03:09 PM
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Personally I like deer with humongous Ball Sacks, so can hang them from my truck you think if i have researchers find out what kind of supplements to feed deer so that their Ball Sacks become ungodly huge, that they will legalize feeding in the state of New York to allow us to feed it to them. If so we should start killing off all bucks with small nuts (regardless of antler size) because i feel they are inferior and so should all of you

Dude you are one funny writer. this is great humor!
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Old 01-06-2010, 06:10 AM
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There are alot of ranches that are set up that way all over south Texas. To hunt on one of them costs alot of money. Getting a deer lease in Texas at all...its not that bad.

I have my own ranch but we don't manage near like they do. Despite the proximity, we have very different terrain and brush than they do. Down south, if you get elevated, you can see for a long way because tall trees are not very common, deer have to cross alot of ground an elevated hunter can see down into. Further north, the brush thick and nasty and you can't see 10 ft into it as well as having alot of oaks and cedar tall enough to where even from an elevated position, its tough to see.

As far as the show goes, I could take it or leave it. Its entertainment, its a chance to see deer on TV. /shrug
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Old 01-06-2010, 01:03 PM
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I watch the show just for the sake of seeing beautiful deer. And they hunt deer in Texas totally differently then we do in Wisconsin. But it surely would be easier then how we have it.

We have an agreement with all the landowners around our leased land to not shoot young bucks. It lets them grow up to meet their potential whatever that might be (big racks or small racks). And we are seeing some pretty special deer on the land. It's fun to know there are some huge deer that you could get a chance at.

I get a kick also out of the body size of the deer and not just the rack. I would much rather take a nice 8-point 140 class bruiser that weighs 230 lbs. dressed then a 160 class Texas deer that might weigh 150 lbs. dressed. The northern (Canadian and northern USA state) bucks are something to behold when they get older. I've seen a 140 class buck being raised to weigh and his body length was so long they couldn't even get his feet off the ground. He weighed 269 lbs. dressed! Now that was a deer.

My retired BIL worked his whole life as a DNR technician and one year registered a deer that was just over a year old that would make the book. You don't have to feed them Tecomate stuff to have bucks get big.

Point of all this is people hunt differently in different areas and as long as it's not fenced in it's still hunting. We form our opinions from how we hunt in our state or province and anything else doesn't seem right. If hunting ever gets to the point we have to do it on preserves we have not bought licenses and supported our state game departments so they can provide us with public hunting land. Simple as that.

The western states now have license "draws" and huge license fees. They are going to elimate the average Joe from western hunts where it becomes cheaper to go on a local game preserve. And also hurt themselves.
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My ranch borders a high fence on part of one side. Not really much I can do about that but I think its funny when I find holes in it where the game are coming on through. They will find a way if they really want to get there. I've seen a buck clear a 'high fence' before. Jordan ain't got nothing on a healthy, mature buck.
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Originally Posted by browningbolt
It is what it is
five little words with so much meaning. If you would have wrote this earlier maybe you could have saved pages worth of writing?
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Old 01-07-2010, 08:25 AM
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why not farm them like cattle if it is bringing in money like it is?
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Old 01-07-2010, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Horacio
My ranch borders a high fence on part of one side. Not really much I can do about that but I think its funny when I find holes in it where the game are coming on through.
You didn't happen to have something to do with creating those holes now, or did you, Horatio?
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Old 01-07-2010, 11:46 AM
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This is my opinion and my opinion only.....I fully understand that we all have different thoughts on this topic, as well as many other aspects of deer hunting. I respect everyone's opinion...this is mine.

Personally I don't like what I'm seeing with people artifically growing monstrous bucks on land they manage with food plots, supplements, and all of that. I have nothing against David Morris or any of the other high profile people we see on TV, in magazines, etc. but I don't think the message they are sending is good for deer hunting. We all strive to kill a mature buck with a big rack, but is a massive rack what it's really all about? I think for some people it is......they could care less about the meat, about the memories, etc.. It's all about how big a buck they can grow on their property.

To me, these big bucks grown on ranches like Tecomonte are rather meaningless. How much of an accomplishment is it to kill a huge buck in this type of setting? It certainly isn't the real world of hunting as most of us know it........it's an artificial environment designed for the sole purpose of growing a deer with a huge rack.

The subject of jealousy has come up here a few times.... I don't think this has much to do with jealousy. For some it might, but for me it certainly isn't. I might be envious of people who have been successful enough in life to be able to afford to buy a ranch, but there's a big difference between being envious and being jealous.

I don't know.....I'm probably just too old and set in my ways, but to my way of thinking there is just something wrong with doing everything under the sun to grow a huge buck by using food plots, supplements, and all of the other management techniques there are these days and then sit in box on stilts and kill it when it's finally old enough.... It just doesn't set right with me.

I made the decision to move to Montana many, many years ago because of the outdoor opportunities (fishing, hiking, etc. in addition to hunting). We don't have the caliber of bucks around here that they have in the Midwest, Texas, etc. (particularly those grown on private farms and ranches).....we have some nice bucks, but not the top-end bucks that are killed in other places. Where I hunt, anyone can hunt..... The bucks I kill are there for anyone to hunt and kill, like the bucks most of us hunt. To me, it's much more rewarding to kill a nice buck that is able to reach maturity in a natural environment than it would be to kill a buck twice as big on the Tecomonte Ranch. I have to believe that a buck that survives long enough to reach maturity in an area open to hunting has to be a whole lot smarter than a buck that receives little or no hunting pressure.....sitting in a box on stilts is of absolutely no interest to me regardless of how big the bucks are.

If other people find it pleasurable and rewarding to kill homegrown bucks like those on Tecomonte, good for them.....but I'm not impressed. Again, my opinion and my opinion only... To each his own.
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