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Cull Buck or Give Him Time

Old 09-09-2009, 07:59 AM
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The injury to the hindquarter is causing the Antler deformation. This Buck appears to be a perfect candidate for your Son's first Deer!
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Originally Posted by Jackson Bowner View Post
I'm not sure I would shoot this buck just for the sake of culling. His genetics are there regardless of the injury to his hind quarter. At 2 1/2, he has a pretty nice spread, although he doesn't have a lot of points. If he survived 2 more years, who knows what he might look like. He probably won't breed anyway given his injury, but he could get lucky. He certainly would have a difficult time in battle for does. Even though his injury has left one side kind of goofy, it could make for an interesting rack in the years to come.
I was kind of thinking on the same lines here. In a year or two, he could have a really unique rack with lots of character. On the other hand, I like the idea of letting your son take him. I'm sure he would be very excited to take a buck like that. I would personally let him walk one more year just to see what he looks like next year.
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I will let my boy have a crack at him. Actually, any legal buck would be great for his first one but this one would be pretty cool. I probably wouldn't take him until late in the season. I would be proud of him as he's a cool looking deer and one that I've been patterning. But, I want to try and get a true whopper this year. PA is a one buck state and I want to have a current tag during the rut
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I would take him our for the deer's sake...no need to have an injured deer wandering around unable to live to the standard of the other deer. It sure can't feel good to walk around on a gimpy rear leg.
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Old 09-09-2009, 11:20 AM
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i'd whack em...dont want a bunch of juniors runnin around like that!
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Old 09-09-2009, 01:10 PM
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Thats an injury and he will never be "normal" As far as genetics go, he looks to have decent genetics and his injury will not breed lesser bucks.. His offspring may be very resepectable bucks.. Unless you think his injury is making him suffer, I'd let him live.. unless ofcourse you want to shoot him..

Let me add real quick.. an injury's funky antler growth is not genetic.. This is like saying because a male was in a wreck and broke his back, that his future sons will be born with a broken back as well.. Understand that there is a difference between genetics and injury. This case looks solely like injury to me, and this bucks offspring will be completely normal.

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go ahead and take him.
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Definite injury causing that odd antler. Most of the time it will be the antler to the opposite side of the injury just like this deer. It's totally up to you to take him. He may look cool next year or......if this wet trend keeps up in the North East through this winter he may not make it unless he stays close to food and cover. The choice is yours.
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Originally Posted by camokenny View Post
If you do not want to shoot this deer yourself then let your boy or any other first time hunter take him. He does have a bad injury to his hindend and will no doubt not make it a few more years. Animals just like humans when we get a injury such as this get all stoved up and cant get around as we should, we have the help of doctors and the such, wild animals only have luck and responsible hunters to ease the pain of such a injury.
IMO you should do this deer and some lucky new hunter a favor and remove him from your herd.
I agree with camokenny this would be a good candidate for a young hunters first deer.

an injury's funky antler growth is not genetic.. This is like saying because a male was in a wreck and broke his back, that his future sons will be born with a broken back as well.
I would also say this is spot on.
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I'd take him for the simple fact that i wouldn't want to let him die from starvation in a bad winter or coyote's eat him. Thimk about it. Ethical also means taking sick or injured animal's along with making clean kill's, and a few other thing's that your son could be tought in one successful trip to the wood's. make's for a proud papa.
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