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Does anyone out there do this?

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Another thing you can try is while you’re foraging in the woods, grab some green leaves and plants from the area. Boil them in water for 20 minutes to create a pot liquor then cool, strain, and pour the juice in a spray bottle. Mist yourself every hour or so (assuming you can keep the spraying noise and the bottle incognito).

You can also create a woodland “tea” by steeping acorns and leaves from hardwoods in water (or pine needles from a pine forest) for a few hours. Filter out the solids and refrigerate the liquid in a spray bottle until you’re ready to use it.
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I use cedar tips boiled to a tea and strained (pine is good if it's more prevalent in your area) and put in a small spray bottle and spray all my stuff. The thing is...what do bucks like to rub most..cedar or pines! yeah I know they rub on small saplings as well.
When they smell a heavy scent of them it makes them think there is another buck close by,this works well in the rut.
I've even sprayed it and grunted when I thought a buck winded me, and to my surprise he came on in ( with his back hair standing up!)( p.s. dead deer!)
Although deer can smell extremely well, it's possible to "overload" their nose with something familiar and not so alarming.
It works for me!
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It's not your clothes you really have to worry about. Just washing your clothes in baking soda or scent free detergent is enough. Your body scent is what you have to worry about, especially your breath. I shower in scent free soap and brush my teeth with baking soda. I know it's not 100% fool proof, but every ounce of protection surely can't hurt. BTW, I also rub weeds, pine needles, and soil on my clothes.
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Ive thought about that, but never have tried it, im going to go gather some leaves and dirt tomarrow lol!!
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I hunt to much to worry about scent, if I get busted I just chalk one up for the opponent
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Originally Posted by SteveBNy
No such thing as an effective cover scent. You can't fool a deers nose by adding any scent. They can smell several different oders the same as on and tell what they all are. They simply smell whatever you have added (regardless of how natural it is) AND YOU. You can change the way things smell to you, but not to a deer.

huh? no such thing ,do what? sure you can change the you smell to a deer. they can be fooled .
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