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Does anyone out there do this?

Old 09-06-2009, 09:14 PM
Fork Horn
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Default Does anyone out there do this?

I know a few guys out there are big on scent control and spend alot of money on it every year but as i grew up i learned alot from my dad and respected everything he taught me. He passed away last may and he taught me a free way to cover up your scent. He would get either a plastic garbge can with a lid or a plastic tote and go out to our property and dig up some dirt and gather up some of the leaves and throw in it. After a few days the clothes would smell just like if you put a dirt wafer in it. Has worked great for me to this day and saves you tons of money. I still spray down before i go to the stand and just thro the tote in my truck and put my clothes on at my hunting location. He would even go as far as putting his pants and jacket in a back pack and would put dirt in it and put it on after he got to his stand.
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I always put leaves and such in the comtainer with my hunting stuff. I suit up at the truck, like to get to my stand and in my stand as quick as I can...
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Yes, I do. I think that would be most natural. Althought the earth scent wafers I use as well, and I have actually had one on my hunting hat, and in my bow case, and in my clothes bag since last season, and I just opened all that up to make sure of what I had in the bags, and the wafers were still going strong. And yes I will still throw my stuff on the ground for this new season every time I go out. I think that I have spent about $20.00 in wafers in the last 2 seasons, and they work great. Good luck this year.
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Where I hunt mostly is in the Pines.........I wrap my hunting clothing with slivers of Lighter Pine and also have used Siberian Pine Oil on clothing and boots.....
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I do the same things as you stated that your Dad taught you. I also throw in some things that are also found in the area such as pine needles and acorns. Use what is growing in the area that you will be hunting. During Bow season when I'm packing in my tree stand, I will pack in my camo and put it on in my stand so as not to get too hot and sweaty during the trek back to my hunting area. If my stand is already hung, sometimes I will get dressed before I head to my stand.
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lots of cedars here in va. cedar will also help keep the bugs away. i just take a branch about 2in around and cut it up on my miter saw .
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I've been doing that for thirty years. There are a lot of pines in the areas that I hunt, just wash clothing with baking soda and put them in a garbage bag with a pine branch.
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I use Fresh Earth wafers in my rubbermaid bin with my clothes and use the spray on my boots, stand seats, etc..

My 50 year old brother still uses the leaves, dirt, and branches trick in his bin of stuff...probably for 30 years now.
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Thumbs up Mother Nature knows best

I'm with you on that. I beleave that there is always a chance that "Mr.big" may just smell something un-naterial about the waffers chemistry make-up. You can't go wrong with the real stuff. God Bless and Great hunting to all this year!!!
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No such thing as an effective cover scent. You can't fool a deers nose by adding any scent. They can smell several different oders the same as on and tell what they all are. They simply smell whatever you have added (regardless of how natural it is) AND YOU. You can change the way things smell to you, but not to a deer.
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