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Shooting at deer with bow from tree?

Old 09-05-2009, 12:47 AM
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There are many good points here and I also shoot from a stand in my back yard at a 3-D deer target that is moved around, then the arrows are brought back up to me by a rope.

Also, without spilling the beans, I HIGHLY suggest you shoot straight down on a target. I don't mean 5 yards from your stand... I mean STRAIGHT DOWN. There may be a time when the buck of a life-time gets you in that shooting predicament and that's the only shot you may think you have and it's important to know how to hold on that.

You can only bend over at the waist so much before you lose balance. By practicing lowering your bow arm and raising your draw shoulder, you'll quickly discover the pattern to how your arrows are hitting.

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I bought a pendulum sight years ago, probably the second best thing I bought next to my overdraw.It takes all the guess work on where to shoot and which pin to use.once sighted in 0 to 30yds it is right on although I like to keep my shots 20yds or less.I guarantee if you ever try one you will never go back to pins shooting from a tree.I also never try to guess if a deer will lower itself when I shoot.I put the pin on the money everytime.the first time you try and shoot low you may find the arrow sticking in the ground below the deer.that is why I take all the guessing game out of shooting from a tree with the pendulum sight and aim on the mark too much thinking going on to add to your all ready heart pumping, knees shaking,nerves about shot to add anything else to the fire.just my 2 cents take it or leave it.good luck this year.
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