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favorite hunting show

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Default Tred Barta

I dont know if its even on anymore,
but i loooovvvveee watching Tred Barta
He did a mule deer hunt with a recurve bow
Oh my god his son saw the ears of the doe he got and
it was insane. He is the ethics king and is the best.
Does anyone know if he is still on tv?
Anyone else a barta fan?

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Originally Posted by SWThomas
I don't see how you guys can watch North American Whitetail TV. Stan Potts has got to be the most annoying hunter on the planet. And his eyes are kind of scary. Without him, I might actually watch that show.
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I forgot Roger Raglin, lots of fun to watch. Tred Barta was in the hospital with a debilitating disease, I forget the name of it, I haven't heard anything in several months. We could probably do a search and maybe get an update though.
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Not jimmine christmas
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Heartland Bowhunter... This much:
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I haven't even heard of half the shows you guys are mentioning. I personally like to watch my own videos. Most of the people on the tv shows and videos are so annyoing it makes me sick. I like a show that's down to earth and not about guys constantly hunting on private ranches where any moron can kill a monster buck. The Bucks of Tecomate makes me sick. They kill these hand raised imported giants and actually think their doing something special.
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if i had to go with a mainsteam tv show i would say Heartland Bowhunter....as for not mainstream....i would say the vids we are doing...but im impartial
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Thanks, Mountain Cur
I looked it up like you suggested and while on his way to film a show in alaska he suffered a rare malady called a spinal stroke. This affected his T-2 throughT-10 vertebrae. Thats 8 of only ten possible ones in that area. He is currently paralyzed from below the chest down

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Another show I can't stand is Rusty Baker Outdoors. I haven't a clue how that guy got a show. Absolutely horrible!
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Roger Raglin
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