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Advice on Best location

Old 08-20-2009, 10:46 AM
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Default Advice on Best location

I have permission to hunt the 160 acres pictured in the attachment. I've drawn the path the creek follows and also a few arrows indicating elevation (from high to low). The red dots are the two locations I'm considering for placing my ground blind. The fields pictured are currently planted with soybeans. I saw a tremendous amount of deer sign around the small pond on the southwest corner.

So, I'm thinking of putting my blind on the corner where I can cover the pond area as well as anything that pokes its head out along the edge of the field. Your thought?
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I would think that is one good option. I would also look at that pinch point at the top of the picture. I would suspect that they are using the creek as a corridor where the woods narrows down. Look for sign around there. Good luck.
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We could give generalizations all day about best spots, but impossible to quantify THEE best spot without knowing from where in the pics the prevailing winds are coming from. Even then the BEST spot on any given day can change with the wind..

Start wherever the best sign is, walk into the wind from there until you hit a wind transition. Pick a spot a few yards down wind of that, and there is a good place to start.
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I would try to pick out the buck sign an narrow down there path of travel. I think you have done alot of work but you need to take it a little bit further an get there patterns down! all in all it looks like a great lay of land an the pond my be a good way to go also. good luck this year man, ps what state are you in?
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I'm in Kansas - Northeast part of the state.
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1.Play the wind the best you can.
2.Find the bedding areas.
3.Figure out where they are most likely to come from.
4.Be versatile.
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Those fingers look like prime time ambush areas...
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Originally Posted by WIbuckchaser
1.Play the wind the best you can.
2.Find the bedding areas.
3.Figure out where they are most likely to come from.
4.Be versatile.
Very good advice. Be sure you can access your blind or stand without bumping deer while entering in the morning or exiting in the evening. You could burn out your spot pretty quick.
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Originally Posted by BUCKMARK
Those fingers look like prime time ambush areas...
x2!! Have multiple entrance and exit routes from your stands no matter where you put them.
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Based soley on the pic you provided, the top red dot looks the better of the two.

After that, I'd move to the left (in the pic) to where the thin line of brush along the creek transitions into the thick wide brushy area.
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