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what is the best way to get permission to hunt? >

what is the best way to get permission to hunt?

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what is the best way to get permission to hunt?

Old 08-07-2009, 10:44 AM
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Default what is the best way to get permission to hunt?

What is the best way to get permission to hunt from someone you don't know? I am trying to get permission for a few places and need some help because i don't know what to say.
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Old 08-07-2009, 10:55 AM
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just ask....
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Old 08-07-2009, 10:58 AM
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Politely introducing yourself and asking is what usually works best. I have had luck by offering to help out on the farm or performing some other service for the land owner. My buddy is a diesel mechanic and I'm an HVAC tech so between the two of us there is usually some service the farmer can find for us. When you save him a chunk of change by tuning up his tractor or fixing his freezers there is a lot more appreciation. Be prepared to hear a lot of NO's, just politely thank him for his time and take your leave.
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Old 08-07-2009, 11:08 AM
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Always ask if they will accept any of the venison if your hunt is successful. Also when talking in person, never wear any hunting clothes. There's no need to advertise what you want by wearing orange or camo. Being clean and polite always seems to work best. If your request is rejected, politely thank them and move on.

It won't hurt if you bring along a young child. That's what my buddy did when has asked permission with his 4 yr old daughter. The owner and his wife said.."How can I say no to that".

Good luck!
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Old 08-07-2009, 11:09 AM
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ive kind of become a master at this. I have been doing it since i was a kid. I live in the suburbs so you get a lot of various reactions. I have had people yell at me and i have people praise jesus that someone has come to shoot the deer out of their Garden.

First thing, Dress nice, dont dress like a big ole red neck trying to hunt. Dress like a professional( dont wear camo). Second thing, be prepared to answer various questions. People tend to want to know the seasons, how you will hunt (stand, ground) you will have to help decribe this to some of them. Always and i mean always try to promote how safe and experienced you are. Be nice at all costs! and just cause one place says no doesnt mean there neighbors will. Also, when you ask dont say can i hunt. Introduce yourself, shake there hand. Then tell them you are a local hunter and you are wonder what there thoughts are on hunting in there neighborhood or this part of the county. Right there you asking them how they feel about deer hunting with out asking them for permission yet. This will help you not seem so straight forward. Then if there for hunting ask them if it would be ok to gain access to hunt there property. Always offer meat from kills and such. Also if you have a kid try to promote that you want to educate your children to hunt so they want fall into bad habits like drugs and such, people like that too. Trust me, be professional, some people will want to think about it, so if you have business cards, give them one. The more clean cut and professional you appear the better. I recently wanted to gain a few more spots to hunt, since a big lot around here is 5 acres, i went out and asked 15 houses. 4 didnt answer, 4 said no. 2 are thinking about it and 5 said yes. that took me 3 hours last sunday. I had two people cut me off in the middle of me shpeal and say things like when can you start and i have been waiting for someone to shoot the deer. Also, a good way to do decide is look for property damage. Where i live if they have deer neating up to keep the deer our of there garden its about a 50 to 70% chance they will let you hunt, doesnt always work, but hey something is better then nothing.
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Old 08-07-2009, 05:45 PM
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good replys! I always look at it from the other side, what could someone say that would influence me to let them hunt. I would see right thru the kid by their side deal that wouldnt work, dressed nice would help, driving a pile of junk would tell me they sure dont work much so a descent vehicle in the driveway would help. Being very polite and straight forward, dont shuck and jive ask politely and if turned down thank them for their time, tell them you understand and leave. you never know they may just consider it after you leave and change their mind, oh yeah dont forget to leave your #!
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Old 08-08-2009, 03:12 AM
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A couple of things I use is sending a letter ahead of time to the land owner. I have a letter made up that I send to the land owner telling him a little about myself and how I would like to set up a time to meet and talk with him about hunting some land he has. I also have in there that I'm looking for a place to take my son and will share the meat with him. I put in the letter a date and time I would like to meet if it is okay with him and list my contact info. Most of the time the land owner will contact you before the said date. I explain that I sent the letter first so not to catch him why he was busy or eating dinner. A big part of the time they will tell you when is a good time to met or give you permission over the phone. Since you have a computer make up some businees cards with just your name and contact info. I have cought farmers out working and will just give them a card and ask them to phone me when they have time. A real good time to get new land is the first of the year as crops are out and deer sign is at its best to find when scoutting.
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Well, I usually start by surprising her with flowers. You know, the ole "no apparent reason" flowers. Always cut, and spring mix...roses are overrated in my opinion. You have to remember to do this somewhat frequently all throughout the year, however, so it doesn't seem obvious. Then I'll just sit and watch whatever HGTV or TLC mess on TV she wants to watch with her. May even rub her feet. After a couple of hours (if I can stand it that long) I tell her I had thought about going hunting the next couple of days. The response always seems to be, "sure...bring me back something good to eat!"
Ok so seriously...it is just expected that I will be going out.

As far as permission to hunt on others land, I simply ask. One thing that helps is that I am a minister and we have several members at church that have farms or at least land. Have asked a few folks I didn't know...got told no initially by all of them. I always responded as many others have suggested, "I understand, thanks for your time, etc." As I was getting back in my truck, one of them started walking towards me and waved at me and said, "I reckon it wouldn't hurt anything for you to come out a few times." Gave me his # and just said if I was coming to give him a call the day before so he'd know. Didn't kill anything on his land, but took him a nice batch of jerky anyway. I am now welcome to hunt there whenever I would like.
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just to reverberate what has been said . BE PROFESSIONAL. thank them for their time. whether or not they say yes. even if they say yes thank them for their time. remember they are giving us the privilige of hunting thier property and it can be taken away. so even after you get permission keep up the relationship. dont get the yes and then never make contact again. if you get a yes and kill something offer them some of the meat or even offer for them to come over for dinner.
be ready for some no's. i was turned down by a neighbor but we ended up having a good conversation and still keep in contact. one day he might change his mind.

One thing i have used before but only do it if asked. is a liability release form. one of the big reasons poeple dont let us hunt on their property is fear of us getting injured and sueing them. so i got a liability realease form and sign it for them releasing them from any liability if something was to happen. just make sure you have your own insurance coverage if you do this.
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All of the above, and also if possible, take your wife with you. And remember, if a gate is open...leave it open. If a gate is shut...shut it back. If you see anything unusual, report it to the landowner. Ask (and mean it) if there is anything that you can help him with.
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