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Newbie here with some questions....

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Default Newbie here with some questions....

Hey Hunters, whats up?I live in Atlanta, Georgia but I will be hunting in White, GA and I'm a newbie hunter although I'm 29 and I'm hoping to kill my first buck this year. I will be hunting in private farm land where I have full access and there are some decent deers running around there. My brother who is experienced hunter who lives out of the country wants me to manage some spots we found when we went scouting. I was wondering what is the best way to attract deer to my spots? I know I will have get some bags of corn, a salt brick and get a trail cam to see whats out there . Somebody recommend me a trail cam? I know 90% of the time i wont see a buck in my spot because they are smart animals but what is best way to know if a buck will come to my spot or not? do you guys spray anything on yourself so they dont smell you, my brother tells me they can smell deodorant from miles away? Sorry with the long list of questions. I hope everybody is preparing for a upcoming season and good luck. Go Noles!!

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The more time you spend out there the better your chances.

You gotta see them before they see you....................best advise !
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A doe is just as good as a buck and they are MUCH better to eat.Don't sale the lady's short.
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Hunt the wind. If you plant food plots, try some Buck Forage Oats.
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Welcome to HNI and hunting. At first it seems like a lot to learn but the learning curve is usually pretty steep. Stick around here and keep asking "stupid questions", there are a lot of really talented hunters on this site. And just like me, the majority don't believe that there's any such thing as a "stupid question", and we're glad to try and help anyone who has the willingness to learn. You're in Georgia so feeders are allowed for deer hunting, get several automatic ones that can be set when to go off, and how long it should stay on while feeding. Most people set it to go off in the morning after the sun is up, and again in the evening maybe an hour before it gets dark. Someone was saying just this week that they feed heavy until game starts using the feeder, then they cut back after all the little critters know whats going on. If I remember right he set the feeder to feed for like 15 or 20 seconds everytime it went off. It gets everything with a stomach coming in trying to eat. Then a couple of weeks before the season cut the timer to a 2 second feed. Now the deer and hogs will learn that they must get there as it's going off if they want to eat. Once the squirrels, songbirds, doves, raccoons, opossums, rats, rabbits, grouse, quail, turkey get accustomed to feeding, the deer will learn that if they want any they need to be there where it goes off. Good luck hunting.
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I m right there with you iam 30 years old and this is my 3rd deer season coming up and second bow season...this past year i got a mineral lick from tractor supply for seven bucks put a trail cam on it and got 600 pics in a month...I would start this way to get the deer coming and its cheap
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Yes, scent control is really important. Use only unscented soap, deodorant, shampoo. Treat your hunting clothes with unscented detergent.

You don't have to go out and buy all the comercial deer hunting products. You can just get regular unscented deodorant and soap, or wash your clothes in baking soda. Yet it is easier to find the comercial deer hunting products, sometimes.

Consider wher yo are placing your stand. You need to be aware of which way the wind usually blows and check it while on stand. You cad by wind floaters, or dust bottles or use some homemde device. I use a butane lighter and watch the flame and smoke. I also take a baggie with a milkweed pod in it. I pull out the floaters and break off the seed.

Also when placing your stand, you need to put it where you have something to blend into, not out in the open where you stick out like a sore thumb. Its always good to have cover behind you and a little in front.

Pay attention on stand. Be aware of what is going on around you. One of the biggest things that helps me is listening to the other wildlife. Birds and small mammals usually make some sort of warning call when they spot danger. Learn these sounds!

Learn them by walking through the woods and listening to how they react to you. Squirrels bark, chipmunks chirp and birds make their various warning calls. Listen to their reaction to you and remember them.

When you are sitting quietly on stand and you hear those same sounds, you know something is up in that direction. It might be fox or coyote,it might be another hunter , it might be a deer. You'll be ready!
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Climb high(20'+) in a treestand, wear rubber boots, and hunt the wind is the best way to be scent free. I wouldn't waste my money and buy into all the scent-free hyped stuff.

Some of my wife's family hunt around the Cummin/Dawsonville, GA. area and they take some really nice bucks every year. Last year he took a 22" wide 6 pt. and the year before he took a 140 class 8pt. That is a beautiful area y'all get to hunt, good luck!
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Keeping the wind in your face is more important than any scent control product. The next best thing is having it at least quartering to take your scent away from the deer.

If you can forgo the deoderant, that's good, as it certainly isn't going to help you to be wearing it. I don't use it in the mornings when I go out, but can't really avoid it if coming off work for an evening hunt. I've had deer just as close to me with it on as with it off.

I'd suggest doing a little internet research on the various scent control products. There's a lot of argument over whether they really work. Decide for yourself. I wouldn't forgo keeping the wind in your face even if they do work.
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thanks alot of the tips. I appreciate it. Whats a good trail cam? thanks
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