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Need a little help here!

Old 07-13-2009, 06:33 PM
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Default Need a little help here!

Ever since i have been hunting i have always used a climber or ladder stands. Today i got a really good deal on a lock-on with climbing sticks. I'm planning on hanging it this thursday afternoon.

My question for all of you, what steps or procedures do you use to get that sucker hung? Do you piece together all the climbing sticks on the ground and then walk it up the tree, then fasten each section as you climb up? Anyone ever tried using a climber and then hoisting the stand up to you and attaching it above your head? I'm kinda at a loss on exactly how to do this. I will have a buddy with me, but he's only ever used a climber too.


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Old 07-13-2009, 06:42 PM
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That's the part I don't like about the loc on stands. I'm getting too old to hang one and to climb into one. Sportsman's Guide has a good discount price right now on a nice looking climber as well as loc on and ladder stands.
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Old 07-13-2009, 06:49 PM
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I put the ladder stick together and tighten that to the tree as I climb making sure that is secure.

I then will hoist up my lock on.

Note. I make sure that when I climb I step into the stand confortable. The ladder stick is high enough that I have a good hand hold stepping on and getting off.

Ladder sticks do go up easily and at times I take mine down but leave the stand if I am worried it will get stolen.

As I get older - and am old now - I take out an extra very light aluminum ladder to which two of us can secure the stand.

For the ladder stick I do put one or two extra rachet tie downs to really secure the top if I am going to leave the ladder stick.

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Old 07-13-2009, 07:10 PM
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Yep...do exactly that. Assemble them on the ground and lean them into the tree. Strapping them around the tree once your going up. Slick and easy. Now the somewhat difficult part is hanging the stand. Loosen up the strap that goes around the tree far enough so that when your up in the tree, you don't have to loosen it up anymore. Tie a rope to the stand, climb up and hoist it up. If you have a quality safety harness(HSS more specifically), it will be setup for you to convert it to a linemans belt. This makes everything faaar easier. Put the stand around the tree, put the hook on and tighten it up. Before you actually stand onto the stand, lift up the platform of the stand and simply put it back down. The stand will move down a touch on the tree tightening itself really snug against the tree. Make sure that the V parts of the stand are into the tree. Not a big deal if they aren't, but your stand will be more solid against the tree if they are. When climbing onto or off of it, just be sure that you try to stay away from the very side backward edges of the stand. A stand not solid enough against the tree and the stand will rotate outward from your weight. This is where guys have potential of falling out of your stand. So just be aware of what your doing at all times.

I put about 15+ lock ons up a year, so things have become fairly standard. And most with the standard tree steps. ha, ha

I hope all this makes sense. Good luck and if you don't own a safety harness.........GET ONE!! Hunters safety system is one that I recommend hands down. Yes...they are spendy, but our #1 goal during every hunt is to make it back to our loved ones just as we left. And this includes hanging stands for a hunt!!
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Old 07-13-2009, 08:12 PM
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Safety is key! Wear a harness and having a buddy with you is always a good idea if god forbid you ever took a spill out of a tree and needed help. We use mostly lock on stands at our place and once i make sure the chain is tight and the stand is locked in place i will secure it with at least one ratchet strap. This make the stand a little more stable and gives a little piece of mind. I also recommend getting a handful of screw in tree steps to put in the tree above your latter so you have some extra hand holds when getting in and out of your stand. Good luck and be safe!
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Old 07-14-2009, 08:07 AM
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I have used my summit Viper to get me up the tree to get the other stand put up. But I'm sure you will get several other ideas as well.
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Old 07-14-2009, 10:49 AM
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just go out an get some tree stand pegs. place as u go those ladders suck an easy for pochers to take your stand an all . pegs u can take the bottom tree out when u leave. takes secs to place every time.But after the pegs are in have a rope tied to the stand an pull it up with a couple ratched straps hope this helps anyone.
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Thanks for all your advise. I think i'm going to try the climber trick because my harness does not convert into a lineman's belt.
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If you are going to use screw in pegs, bring along a cordless drill with a slightly smaller drill bit then the peg width. Drill the hole first. This will allow your pegs to start easier. Use smaller steps then you think. Bulky clothes in Michigan August is different then what I am wearing in late December. The smaller steps make it easy to get into the stand, even if you have to use a couple more.

Whether you are using pags or sections, go beyond the height of your stand so you can step laterally into the stand. This really helps getting in and out of your stand in dark times. It will give you three points of contact at all times. Usually accidents occur as you do not have solid footing or your safety harness on (i.e. getting into and out of the stand).

Bring some rope. Tie one end to the stand and after your have assertained the final possition of your stand, use the rope to haul the stand up to you. By this time you should be comfortable with the locking mechanism and it will go faster. A safety harness at this point is invaluable.

I would also recommend hanging the stand about 5 feet off the ground in your yard for practice. This way you can get used the stand's locking procedure, strap or chain length, etc... Basically familiarize yourself with the stand so when you are 23 feet in a tree, you have all the kinks worked out.

I would lock mine.

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Old 07-14-2009, 03:53 PM
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I would also recommend hanging the stand about 5 feet off the ground in your yard for practice

I did exactly that yesterday. I feel pretty confident with it now. Does it make climbing easier if you put the climbing sticks on the outside of a slightly bent tree?
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