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Am I Old Fashioned!

Old 06-29-2009, 07:00 AM
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Default Am I Old Fashioned!

This could be posted under several forums, big game hunting out west or here in GA., from small game, waterfowl, doves, quail, etc. I have several different friends that come to my home each year, some from here in GA. to some from out of state. They come to fish and/or hunt.

Here is what the problem is! Most of the time when I invite a friend, I tell him to bring a buddy if he wants to, I know how it is with the expenses and it's definitely more fun to travel with a buddy. But what I'm hearing is that the friend dosen't offer to pay a dime toward travel expenses, food, etc. I've seen on more occasions where the one that invited thefriend, (freind or relative), would kill a deer, hog, etc, and never offer the other a piece of the meat, or some of the fish or game. And this is after the invitee help drag the animal out of the woods, helped clean the game, etc.

I personally wouldn't ask for any of the meat, I can pretty much get my own, but I was raised that you split the meat/game down the middle as well as the expenses. As for expenses, even if invited, I think you should offer to pay half. Now if you financially can't that's one thing, but if you can, make the offer.

An example, Myself and a friend went to Colorado in 03, we both harvested a mule deer, so spliting the meat wasn't a question, but we split the expenses, fuel, lodging, food, etc. down the middle. We went in his vehicle and I told if we broke down on the road, I would split the cost with any repairs.

Have we forgotten common curtisy?

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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

In a word, in many cases YES...

I try to be tolerant but part of the problem is that there is an entire generation that just never learned the propery way to act and treat others...

I'm 53, dad was a WW-II vet...He had us shooting by the time we were 6-7 years old, following him at 8-9 and hunting behind the house on our own by the time we were 10 or less...We started with squirrels, moved up to some duck hunting on Currituck, rabbit hunting in front of beagles, dove hunting with the local farmers and their sons...

What I see today is many start hunting later in life and jump right into deer hunting, so they haven't had the training that I had...In addition, the divorce rate is 50% or better so they don't have a dad to mentor and start them out properly...

The only way to start is one at a time and let the other hunter know what it's going to cost him before the trip...
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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

I can't speak for the traveling part, but I always offer everyone at camp some of the fresh venison;especially if it's taken in front of someone else'shounds. I usually bring more meat from my bow kills and split it among our hunting crew when venison is scarce at the camp dinner. Most of my hunting crew doesn't bow or muzzleloader hunt, so they kind of depend onme and the other younger guys to feed them occassionally when it's general gun season.
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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

A coworker recently lucked into one of the best deals I've ever heard of for a two bedroom beachfront condo rental in NFlorida, he invited several members of his family to accompany him and his wife, all they had to pay for was half of the gas and food on the trip. Despite the fact that he would be covering all of the condo rental fee they all declined to pay for gas or food, so he missed out on the deal.
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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

sharing costs is pretty standard in my view.

Now if they come to GA and stay with you, aside from offering you some meat, what expenses are you looking for them to share? personally I'd buy the group some steaks/dinner one night etc..., but if I invite someone to stay at my home I certainly wouldn't be looking for any cash etc, but I do think it's polite /common curtisy to pay for dinner, or something along those lines.

Traveling out of state with someone I think definitely means sharing the cost of gas, now if someone else's car broke down, I wouldn't be paying for repair bills to their vehicle, nor would I expect a friend to pay to fix my vehicle. Now if I was low on cash, or we needed to get ont he road, giving me a loan is another thing.
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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!


Maybe I wasn't clear. When I invite a friend or he takes upon himself to ask can come and hunt with me, I have never asked for a dime and don't expect anything from this friendship.

What I'm talking about is 2 or 3 friends on a hunt, one invites, the others want to go. Curtosy is what I'm talking about between these friends. Expenses, sharing meat, not with me, among themselves. I was raised, if invited, you offer to help with everything. If the offer is refused, so be it.

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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

not offering to help with expences when you have money,or not offering to share the meat with the one who got you there is just plain rude.be the last time.i was raised when your word and a hand shake meant something.and still does to me
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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

My friends and I go fly fishing outside of Creede, Colorado every year sometimes twice. We take several hog hunting trips out throughout the year to our different ranches. We always split the gas, food, expenses. The only thing we don't split is ammo or processing. Mostly cause we butcher our own animals, but we still share the meat, we just play by the rule that if you shoot it you pay for it.

So even if you are old fashioned, there ain't nothing wrong with it. A few people in my generation still try and live up to those standards. Which is always hard with this ever changing society.

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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

Besides one guy that never has a dime to his name, all of my hunting buddies are more than fair when it comes to splitting the cost. I have one buddy that I take goose hunting a couple of times a year and he always buys lunch and then gets me a real nice bottle of some sort of spirits every year.

I hear all of the stories on here about the a-hole hunters who don't respect other hunters and give us a bad name as hunters in general. I'm sure glad those aren't the dudes I hunt with. I can put up with a mistake but I won't hunt with an a-hole.
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Default RE: Am I Old Fashioned!

You are right, if two people come.
Then they should split the bill.
Unless one isn't able to, and the person that invited him/her knows in advance.
And the game should be devided, and some given to the person that owns the land, and or lease.

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