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time for stands?

Old 06-17-2009, 02:08 PM
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Default time for stands?

here in ohio the archery season starts the last saturday of september. i have two new stands... when is the time to put them out?
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Default RE: time for stands?

no later then Memorial Day
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Old 06-17-2009, 03:54 PM
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Default RE: time for stands?

All mine will be up before middle of July
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Default RE: time for stands?

As soon as you can tell which oak trees will have acorns this fall.
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Default RE: time for stands?

depends where they're going, IMHO.
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Default RE: time for stands?

i usually put ours up a month before the season opens so the deer can get used to it being there. last we didnt get them up until 3 weeks before the season because the driveway of our farm got washed away and it was underwater. but we usually put them up a month before the season
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Default RE: time for stands?

Our deer season starts August 15th so I'll be putting mine out very soon. But I concur with what the rest of the guys have said. I would put them out sometime in August, maybe early September.
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Old 06-17-2009, 05:39 PM
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Default RE: time for stands?

My $.02.

Down this way, early archery season success is usually associated with locating oak trees, especially White Oaks or Post Oaks or Chestnut Oaks that are loaded. I already have several 16' and 20' ladder stands out in areas of oaks that traditionally produce. However, some years this or that area is pretty much barren, while in others you need a hard hat to survive a windy morning.

I keep 5-6 ladders or Lock-On type stands in "reserve" and place these as the season nears (Oct. 15) based upon where I have found oaks loaded up. I try to get my scouting and setting of these stands done no later than September 21 or so. In addition I have 3 climbers that I place and very often move from place to place as the season goes along, and as fresh "sign" is found. Many, many times I am not set-up any earlier than 1 hour before daybreak, or 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. in the case of an afternoon hunt. If you can ease in with a climber, leaving a minimum scent trail, and not make a ton of noise setting up, there is nothing at all wrong in my book of "short-lead" set-ups. There have been times when I have moved my climber 3-4 times in the same 200' square area during a 4-10 hour hunt in order to cope with shifting winds. I have had zero success at times moving this often, and other times it has worked out perfectly. Lot of luck involved for sure.
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Default RE: time for stands?

As early as you can get them out there.If you can leave them up all year.I have 3 ladder stands that never come down.I spray paint all the areas that can rust,and just take the rachet strap off after seasons done,just go in a month before season and put the straps back on them.
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Default RE: time for stands?

yote slayer: IMHO, one thing to keep in mind, particularly when hunting a mature buck: First time in the stand/first day stand is in place, is quite often the most productive. That's why I like, when ever possible, to use natural stand.

I have found that once deer realize a stand is there, particularly a mature buck, you'll start to observe more travel along the prevailing wind side-downwind- of the stand. A number of years ago in Wyoming Co. NY, I observed this behavior. I placed a mannequin bust in my stand and set up in a tree,natural stand, downwind of the mann. stand, just beyond where I observed this monster-150" class-traveling. I got a twenty yard open shot at it with my bow, and missed, but literally can't describe the satisfaction of getting it right!!
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Quick Reply: time for stands?

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