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Default RE: "Snaky?"

Dude, I live in the South, probably more "Southern" a place than North Florida (despite geographical location). We've got tons of snakes here, and I hate all of them, and make a conscious effort to avoid them at all costs. I've lived here my whole life and I'm scared of snakes, I take the necessary precautions and kill them if I have to, but what was the point of your story? To make fun of people with a fear of snakes? I fear snakes and I don't think your 16 inch guns could handle my 16 inch guns so stop posting crap.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

None of you guys have been around long enough to realize thecomedy and originalityof TDWW.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

I remember when I just started on here and read TTWW stuff and thought, "Who does this guy think he is?!!" Now, all I can do is laugh at what he says. He's a great addition to this website, you just got to get used to his humor.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

i thought it was funny
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

The last buck this "yankee" shot was up near the Canadian border.
He field dressed ar 210 lbs.
We don'twear lace on our underwear like you do way up there.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

Did you get the guy a deer?

That's demanding it!
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

Perhaps I overreacted...I must read more.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"


First of all, great story and as always respect is given. It takes a true gentleman to take someone from the likes of New Jersey on a deer hunt. God bless your soul!! Secondly, it was nice to actually read a good post on this forum. The deer hunting forum has turned into somewhat of a preschool playground since a few new ass clowns have started posting. Lastly, I'm glad to see that you showed some restraint from whipping that Yankees ass when he froze up like that. With 16" guns it still amazes me that you do not use them for personal gain. Again, my hats off to ya.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

ORIGINAL: fishguts

(Do you really call yourself topdawgwoofwoof? That sounds almost as ghey as lanse couche couche.)
Almost, but not quite as gay as fishguts.
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Default RE: "Snaky?"

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