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Illinois Sharp Shooting

Old 05-20-2009, 06:12 AM
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Default Illinois Sharp Shooting

What is up with the DNR having to kill all the deer? They are taking it away from hunters like myself who rely on it for food. Is this happing in any other state? The IDNR said that a healthy population has 50 deer per square mile. Where I hunt they got it down to 7 per square mile(this was last year). They went back out there this year and killed again all in the name of saving us from CWD. I saw one deer last year and we ate it knowing that it had CWD. The IDNR is paying people(using tax payers money) to pay for all of this. They don't even give the meat to anybody they just burn it. I would like to know if there is anyway that hunters like myself can protest this outrage? If anyone has an opinion on this let me know. Any input welcome.
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

email uncle ted... NUGENT he loves hearing this kinda stuff.

What county are you in?
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

I live in Winebago County but, I hunt Boone. But, they are doing this in both counties.
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Old 05-20-2009, 07:07 AM
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

They have been doing it for years in Wisconsin in the CWD areas. We know how you feel. Hope it gets better down there for you. deerman69
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

It has'nt stopped the spread up there so, I don't know why they think it will do anything here. [&o]
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Old 05-21-2009, 11:03 AM
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

Most state game agencies would call 50 deer per square mile grossly overpopulated, not healthy. Overpopulation invariably leads to disease, so does high fenced game farming for profit, urge your legislature to kick the deer pimps out of your state and the disease problem will eventually control itself. The fact that you killed the first deer that you saw doesn't mean that it automatically had CWD, or that it was the only deer out and about that day. Sharpshooting isn't that great of a control measure that it can reduce an overpopulatred area to the degree that you've described, 50 PSM to 1? Nobody's that good. So they're burning the infested meat, eh? What would you have them do with it? Distribute it to the food banks so that the poor can catch a disease that invariably kills? Sounds fishy.

Could you please cite your source of this revelation, because I've heard absolutelynothing about that over here next door in Indiana. Something tells me that you're getting your information from your "buddy who knows about everything". Here's a hint: He doesn't.
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

First off there has never been a case of CWD tranferring to humans. Otherwise you would have heard of it by now especially from Colorado where it origionated. My husband got one a couple of years back that did test positive and we ate it. Nothing is wrong with us.
Here's one site where they are telling hunters not to feed or bait the deer because, it will spread CWDwww.dnr.state.il.us/pubaffairs/2008/december/idnr.html
But the IDNR hunts over bait with there sharp shooters. So, they can be spreading it.
I went to a CWD information seminar that the IDNR was having in Rockford, IL last fall. The guy that was representing the IDNR was telling us that a good deer population will hold 50 deer per square mile. The IDNR wantedand has got it down to 6.9 deer per square mile. They also said that they were going to stop there sharp shooting program after 5yrs. but they are still doing it. My point is that I wanted other people to know what is going on here in Illinois. The disease will eventually spread to your area. If it is not already there. They just startedf testing for it the deer could HAVE HAD IT FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS before they tested them. As far as not being able to eat it because it might infect somebody read this
Is CWD transmmissible to humans?
There is no evidence CWD can be transmitted to humans. Epidemiologists with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found no evidence that prion-related disease in humans occurs more often in hunters and consumers of wild game than in the general population. More than 16 years of monitoring in affected areas of Colorado found no disease in people living there. Ongoing public health surveillance is important to fully assess the potential risk. Cited from http://agr.state.il.us/AnimalHW/cwd/

As for the poor people we are some of them that is why we hunt so we can feed our family. I was out there throughout hunting season bow/shotgun and I only saw two deer. You know they (IDNR)are killing more then they are letting on when the first time I went out there five years ago and you would get ran over by the deer there were so many of them down to seeing two the whole season something is wrong. I even had cameras up to capture any pics of them and I did'nt. I do not have the money to go and lease land either or I would. To get to an area where I actually see them.
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

In California our DFG is OUT of money so there could not be any undertaking like that here...
Sorry to hear about all of that...
If the DNR wants to assinate the deer there they should enlist hunters to do it...maybe some $10 tags across the counter to create a little revenue or something.
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Default RE: Illinois Sharp Shooting

There would be alot of hunters who would be willing to pay a little extra money to be able to hunt those areas. The messed up part of it is that the guy who was part of the IDNR did'nt even care about what the hunters at that meeting thought.
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