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what should I do?

Old 04-28-2009, 08:05 AM
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Default what should I do?

Last year isaw two small bucks in my back yard at my apple tree a 5 pt and a 3 pt. A few weeks later(during season)I was walking the woods on a constuction companies lot beside my house and found some blood on a deer trail soI followed it, accorss the creek I saw a treestand, a deer feeder, and a deer decoy. Feeders are illegal during season here. Anyways newer saw the two small bucks again.

Yesterday my roommate was mushroom hunting over there and he said he found2 deer carcusses. Ona a small 3 pointer and the other had a V cut out of the top of his skull. Im conna go look at the deer after i get out of class today. If it is the way he says it is what should I do?

I want to tell the law but I dont wanna piss someone off and have them shoot at me next time im out there. I might just do an annomoyus call and say watch this house next deer season.
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Default RE: what should I do?

Turn it in. Let the law sort it out.
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Default RE: what should I do?

By all means report it.
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Default RE: what should I do?

I would have to report that. Especially being that close to home.
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Default RE: what should I do?

Call the game warden
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Default RE: what should I do?

I agree with everyone else, report it. You could even show the game warden pictures of the treestand with the feeder in view, that would get their attention and give them a good reason to look into it closely.
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Default RE: what should I do?

Just call...OR........have you ever seen "the Deer Hunter"!?
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Default RE: what should I do?

Virtually all Law Enforcement Agencies will keep your information private even if it isn't an anonymous tip. I would absolutely report it, though I might wait until next season and see if they are still baiting in season.
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Default RE: what should I do?

Report it.To hunt ,saw off the antlers,and leave the meat to rot is a bunch of bull.It gives all of us hunters a bad name.
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Default RE: what should I do?

Are you sure your not from WI??? This stuff happens here al the time.. Only it rarely gets enforced..Feeding and Baiting s legal here and folks can't seem to follow the rules.. It is the #1 and growing violation in the deer woods by a mile.. It is used to poach more deer then a spotlight.

But some hunters rights groups .. NRA, SCI and the Newly formed HRC which basically is the Wisconsin Bear hunters are spending time and money to keep the practice alive with lobby money.. Even though it is a epidemic poaching problem... They don't seem to care about those that are for to deal with this every day in the WI bait woods.. It is exactly why they will never get another dollar from my family.. I can not support those that support this.

You are not alone..

You can turn the guy in and deal withhis revenge or you can learn to live with it like we have to here all the time... I have one neighbor that is a teacher/coach .. he can not seem to follow the bait laws either.. But I can not take a chance that he may use that against my son on the field or in the classroom.. Just for the satisfaction of him getting him a slap on the wrist ticket..It simply is not worth it to me.

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