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Hunter Height

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Default Hunter Height

Just trying to get a little demographic information. If I'm not supposed to do this just let me know.

1. How tall are you.
2. What do you hunt (waterfowl or other).
3. What kind of hunting do you enjoy (bow, shotty, rifle, muzzy).

1. I'm 6'5"
2. I hunt waterfowl, land birds, deer and squirrels. Yes I said squirrels. Hope to hunt some elk, bear and maybe a moose soon.
3. I like to hunt with all four that I had listed.

Thanks to all that reply, I appreciate it. I'm doing some independent research on these topics and couldn't find any good studies that had been done yet.
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Default RE: Hunter Height

6'1". I hunt with bow and rifle in NY, KY, FL and where ever else I can. The primary quarry is deer but turkeys and hogs will also work. I used to hunt upland birds and bunnies with a shotgun but haven't done so for many years.
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Default RE: Hunter Height

I'm 6'4", these days I mostly hunt deer, but do still occasionally hunt small game and upland birds when I get the chance. I've been meaning to try turkey hunting for a few years, but never get around to it. I had also planned on trying some waterfowl hunting, but I've since tried wild duck and I didn't like it. I've had domestic duck that was very good, but the wild (I think it was a mallard) was tough and the whole bird tasted like liver (which I can't stand... yuck! [:'(]).

For deer I'm strictly muzzleloader and CF rifle. I also tried bowhunting, but after 2 for 2 wounded and lost deer, I decided that bowhunting wasn't for me. Upland birds and rabbits I use a 12 gauge with #6 1 1/4oz field loads, for tree rats I generally use a .22LR, but I will also use my 12 gauge with #8 shot if the opportunity arises.


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Default RE: Hunter Height

5'11" hunt deer and turkeys with bow, rifle, and shtgun.
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Default RE: Hunter Height

im 5'6" and i hunt deer with CF rifle and hunt upland birds with 7 1/2 shot 12 gaugeand use that for squrriles also and grouse
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Default RE: Hunter Height

I've posted this on several other forums and a question was asked at one of them that I thought would be useful to everyone.

I am doing this purely as personal interest. I am not tied to any company or group (well I do contribute to PF and DU), but being a tall guy that hunts with mostly guys of normal height, I was curious to see if there were any other gorillas like me out there.

When I'm done collecting enough data, I will make sure to post my findings on each forum that I have joined. I am not asking for anything that is confidential and hope that it makes it easier for members to contribute.

I promise a full computational analysis when I'm done.

Thanks and happy hunting!
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Default RE: Hunter Height

I am 6'

I hunt doves, ducks, geese, pheasants, antelope, and deer in chronological order.

Shotgun, Rifle, and bow.
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Default RE: Hunter Height

6'1" - a stealthy 275! Old worn out interior lineman !!!

Have hunted about everything available here in SE US - Rabbit was No. 1 followed by duck and wood cock when I was much younger. Even hunted nutria back in Louisiana when I was a boy. Now there is a hoot of a hunt. Ease down a bayou very early or very late in the day with my grand dad's old a single shot Winchester 22 rifle.

For the past 30 or so years, I have concentrated (in this order of preference) (1) White tailed deer, (2) squirrels, (3) eastern turkey, and (4) feral hogs. Usually get invited to a good dove shoot or two every year. Loved quail hunting back in the 1970's and early 1980's when there was a good population of wild bob whites down this way. that's gone now it seems. Will pop a coyote if one comes along but do not actively varmint hunt these days. Have been lucky enough to make a few mule deer hunts up in eastern Montana. Dream of hunting elk or moose.

Used to shoot a recurve, then moved to a compound bow (though looks like those days are coming to an end due to an injury that is not responding to treatment). Hunted with a X-bow for the first time last year. I am getting deeper into muzzle loader hunting too. Don't hunt deer with a shotgun ... use a center fire (308 Win. most of the time). Use an older Winchester .410 SBS F/F or a 50 year old Marlin bolt action 22 LR for squirrels.

If I had to chose only one ... it'd be a toss up between squirrel and white tailed deer hunting. I ain't good at either, but I do so enjoy both.
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Default RE: Hunter Height

Im 6'3"

I hunt deer, waterfowl andpheasant

My passion is archery hunting, has been for 25 years. I do break out the shotgun on occasion, and i shoot the rifle a few times a month.
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Default RE: Hunter Height

5'11" geez you country boys .... avg man is 5'9" ya know...lol,

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