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Default louisiana rut?

Does anyone happen to know when the rut is in louisiana i have the chance to hunt there next season and was wondering if anyone knew about when the rut starts so i can plan my hunt thanks
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Default RE: louisiana rut?

What part of Louisiana? Here in East Texas the peak of the rut is usually the last week of October to the first week or so of November. Western Louisiana should be pretty close to the same. Good Luck!
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Default RE: louisiana rut?

It depends on what part of the state you are hunting. My property is in north central LA. The rut is usually the 2nd or 3rd week of November. I killed two good bucks, an 8 point on Nov. 15, and a 10 point on Nov. 22. The 10 point came at the end of the rut. The bucks usually start getting active around the first of Nov. If you hunt the northeast part of the state and the delta region along the Miss. River, it is a totally different situation. The bucks don't start really getting active til after Christmas. The rut can go deep into Jan. In fact, I talked to a guy today who said he saw a buck chasing does a couple days ago. In south LA., the bucks can rut as early as September. What part of the state are you going to? I can give you good info if you let me know where you are hunting.
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Default RE: louisiana rut?

The rut varies here in Louisiana.I killed a Big 8 pointer on tuesday chasing a doe.
He was hot on her heals with a couple of smaller bucks trailing the action.
This was in St Francisville.
We really havn't seen much chasing until recently.
Later Rob
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