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Default Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

Just wondering if anyone here has killled a deer with Buckshot and a 410 shotgun and what were the results you had if you did shoot one.Thinking about buying Buckshot for my sons gun but dont want to waste the money if it is not effective.Thanks for any responses! Mike
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

Best advice I can give you is to buy him a 20 gauge if you want to use any sort of buckshot. A .410 just doesn't have the shell capacity to bring enough shot regardless of shot size.

Is a .410 slug an option?
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

I have never killed a deer with one, but I have shot quite a few 410 slugs. My old single shot shoots them very accurately. It would be my first choice, but I sure wouldn't hesitate to shoot a deer with them (close range of course).

I have killed several deer and hogs with buckshot out of a 12 ga, and it is very effective. I wouldn't even consider it out of a 410. You probably wouldn't get more than a couple of pellets.
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

Do not use a 410 for deer. Do not use buckshot for deer. The 410 is effective at very close range, with a slug, only. Buckshot is not effective at all. You would be shooting 9 pelletsthat will have a foot spread at 10 yards and increase from there. If you are going to shoot a deer, shoot it with a solid projectile.

also, we are talking about a youngster going out to shoot (most likely his first) deer. don't put him in a positoin where the chances of wounding the deer are high. It would be doing a disservice to him and the deer.

Get a 20 guage if you have to shoot a slug gun. use rifled slugs. If you can use a rifle, get him a small cal rifle. I am not sure how old ur son is, but if he is a little older, and can handle it, get him shooting a 30-30. The rifle has a low recoil and can kill a deer out to 100 yards. If ur son is younger, get him shooting a .243. It's a fast round that carries good velocity down range.

Just some food for thought. I dont mean to jump on you but I have seen many people make this mistake and end up having horrible results. To be honest, I don't know what experience ur son has with shooting a rifle, but if he doesn't have much you should build him up to it. Wait a season. Start witha .22, move up to a .243, then a .270, then start getting into the .30 cal guns. I started with a bb gun at 8 or 9 years old. By the time I was 14, and legal to hunt in michigan, I could handle a 30-30. Over the years I have shot more powerful weapons and have settled on a 30-06.

Hope this helps.

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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

Buckshot for the .410 wont be the best combo for deer no...if your wanting to use buckshot then try moving up a couple of guages like 12 or 20...but if ur wanting to stay with the .410 then the best route to go is to buy some slugs for it theyl get the job done! Ive shot a deer with both of them and the slug is no comparison!!!!
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

20 gauge slugger would work best. I don't know how old he is but I was hunting with 20ga slug at 12, 12ga at 13 and 30-06 at 14.(I was a very small kid also-he will be fine)
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

410's are for GOOD shooters on rabbits, quail, maybe squirrels. Its not a begginers shotgun like so many try to make it.

I have a older cousin that tried to kill his first deer with a 410 slug(20 years ago). He is sitting in the tower with my uncle and a little 4 pt buck comes out 40 yds away perfect broadside. BOOM, the deer stares at them! He lines up the bead again, BOOM! He is still staring at them. My cousin is getting frustrated by now, and my uncle decided to let him try his 30-06, after finding the deer in the scope(took him a while) There is one more BOOM, this time the buckfolds up just outside the field.

So dont waste your money on deer ammo (slugs or buckshot)for a 410.Get him atleast a 20ga slug gun, or better yet a bolt rifle in 243 win or 7mm/08.
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

I'm not a big fan of buckshot! Buckshot or the .410 are NOT for beginners! In a 12 or 20 guage, buckshot will work at close range. Extend the range just a little and the deer will run, leaving little or no blood trail because buckshot does not expand.
If it is recoil that you are worried about, a .243 is about as tame as it gets! A 30-30 is recoil tame too, just teach him not to push the range!
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

Thanks so much to all that responded to my question on the 410 shotgun.I think after reading your replies that I will get some slugs for his gun.Also has anyone here shot slugs from a Mossberg 500 full choke and did it do ok for you?Also my boy just turned 8 years old and shooting 3 inch magnums is all he can handle now in his 410 as that rocks him pretty good as he weighs only 64 pounds so I dont want him getting recoil shy.I have a brand new Remington Wingmaster 20 gauge for him as he gets older but that is way to much recoil for him right now also.On his Mossberg 410 his arms are not quite long enough to hold up the forearm so I got a stoney point shooting stick he shoots from.This is his first year deer hunting and he was standing beside me last week when I killed a doe and he wanted to walk up on it and touch it with his gun to make sure it was dead like he had seen on the deer hunting videos I have.His shots will never be more than 30 yards at the most as where I hunt is super thick and close shots is all I ever get there but lots of deer.Once again thanks to all that replied! Mike
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Default RE: Question On 410 And Buckshot For Deer

If he can't handle more than 410 slugs, he shouldn't be out shooting at a deer. Just my honest .02
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