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land owner

Old 11-29-2008, 06:12 PM
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ok just making sure i figured as a land owner it would be alright. I had a few hunters on my grounds there have been a few deer taken out. I said thats it no more taking out deer. I said myself wouldnt hunt it any more either.
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Default RE: land owner

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Default RE: land owner

He pays the taxes, he's the boss. If you don't like it, hunt elsewhere.
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ditto couldn't be said any better
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a land owner has every right to lay down the rules for their land. they are doing you a favor by letting you on their land.

its like someone coming to your house and drinking your last beer, or changing the channel while your watching the game. you have set rules to follow in your house, and if someone didn't abide by them would you invite them back?

there is obviously a reason why they have said that you can not take a certain deer and its up to us as resposible hunters to respect the land owners wishes, other wise we will all be stuck on public crowded land.
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He owns the land and so u hunt on it and he owns u
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When in Rome, do what the Roman says to do!
The land owner cannot ignore state/federal laws but, beyond that the land owner IS THE LAW!
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Yep.6 points or better on my property.
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Default RE: land owner

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Default RE: land owner

Yes its way its his land. He's nice enough to let a person hunt there. A few rules arent hard to follow
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NO questions asked. The landowner has EVERY RIGHT to tell you what you can and cant kill. My landowner is making me and my dad kill a doe for every buck we kill.
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