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Backstrap vs tenderloin

Old 11-17-2008, 05:04 PM
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

Tenderloins inside (loins) backstraps outside
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

while you have them backward. it doesn't really matter, it's all good. just keep putting meat on the table and call it whatever you want.
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

It really doesn't matter. Call them what you want. Here is a suggestion to make sure a processor doesn't take yourtenderloins or part of your backstraps, cut up and process the deer yourself. It's really not that difficult. Just a little time consuming. BTW, I call the inside pieces the tenderloins and the outside large strips the backstraps.
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

Teedub, You were correct all along. I hope the rest of you make corrections to your terminology (as I also had to) and use the words correctly. Also, make sure to correct your hunting buddies. I'll be you a beer that you could bet them a beer on it and win.
Like I said if you want to get technical you lost a beer You're still incorrect. A backstrap is not a cut of meat. It's a ligament.

The elastic, yellowish color connective tissue running from the neck region into rib region of beef, pork, veal and lamb. Composed of heavy connective tissue, usually removed during fabrication. (see Elastin)
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

Backstrap is the tender meat inside the cage and Loin is the outer strip running down the spine. That's what a loin is on all other cuts of meat no reason it should be diferent on a whitetail
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

Many posts, not much progress.

Tenderloins are found on the inside of the cavity along the spine. Loins, or "backstraps" as some like to call them, are found along the outside of the ribs along either side of the spine.

A cut similar to a t-bone or a porterhouse could be cut from a deer.
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

I believe that we're all wrong, and we're all correct in calling it what we do. I've always called the small pieces that are physically inside the deer, inner loins. I've always called the large pieces that are on both sides of the spine, tender loins or backstraps. To each his own.
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

back strap is better
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin


Back straps are just that, on the back on either side of the spineand are about 18 to 24 inches long, maybe longer. Tender loins are on the inside of the deer's spineand are about 8 to 12 inches long.

Bingo...............we have a winner.
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Default RE: Backstrap vs tenderloin

Tenderloins usually dont make it to the freezer or fridge in my house. I usually cook them right off the bat. Great stuff.
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Quick Reply: Backstrap vs tenderloin

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