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home made deer bait

Old 02-14-2017, 06:23 AM
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If it's just groceries you want then spend your money on the groceries you want and don't worry about what the deer want. They are wild animals, they don't need dimwitt animal lovers feeding them.

If it's a game animal and hunting you want, then learn how to hunt.
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everyone uses corn feeders in Oklahoma and Texas
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We plant Food Plots here in Missouri since we aren't allowed to put out any "Bait" for Deer or Turkeys.We can fed them in the Off-Season but all food (Grain) has to be removed 10 days before any Hunting Season.
I usually put corn in a Plastic PVC pipe that's screwed to a Tree and set up a Trail Camera to get pics of what Deer are around.

In Camo Chic's question and Texas8Point about putting Oats out is the Deer Love them especially the Young Fawns that like something tender to eat.I get a lots of Quick Oats that are outdated or damage/spilled at work and I put them out in the Off-Season Season for the Deer and they really like them and the Racoon's do too.

We can put out Salt and Mineral Licks too and those do really good to draw in the Deer.I usually dig up a small area and put in a 1/2 box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda then pour out 15-20 lbs of Salt then the other 1/2 of the A & H and let the rain work it into the ground.I have also put out a 50 lb salt block or used some Lucky Buck mineral to help in the Bucks Antler growth.

You can also do what was mentioned earlier and pour the Salt or Minerals on an old tree stump or log and the Deer will tear it up there too.

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Originally Posted by Hogslayer82
everyone uses corn feeders in Oklahoma and Texas
Not everyone. I hunt in TX and I don't use a feeder. I take deer too.
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GTO, you do know that if you put salt and or minerals on a tree stump or on the ground there is a very good chance it will still be there come hunting season unless you dig all the dirt up where you put the salt and or minerals and haul it away and get rid of the tree stump 10 days before the season. If a sample is taken from the ground or the tree stump and sent to a lab for testing there is a very good chance they will still show bait. In my state, on a suspect site samples are taken and tested and if they test positive, prosecutions are made.
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We are allowed to put out Salt/Minerals here in Missouri and as You stated would be pretty tough to remove...as long as No CWD touches our Area We will be able to keep putting out the Salt & Minerals.I see in the near Future that it's possible that even that will be be No longer allowed.
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not allowed to bait deer at all in Pa. will cause you to lose hunting rights and maybe some money too.
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With all the crazy deer attractants out there, I haven't seen anything that beats plain old corn.

We have to have our bait removed 30 days before the season. Basically, it's only good for summer time trail cam pics.
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I think that will work. I used to feed deers with pears, apples, salt licks, persimon for bait.
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I agree corn, apples and food plots work great to attract deer. We can't bait anymore in 2 of the 3 counties i hunt due to a deer farm, with chronic wasting disease present, letting deer escape into the wild 2 years ago. I hunt deer trails, scrapes, feeding/drinking areas.
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Quick Reply: home made deer bait

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